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Google warns users of internet shutdown on July 9

happy memorial day!

Yunnan red tea is a type of black tea from Yunnan province in China. Yunnan red is frequently called by its Chinese name, Dian hong; this term translates almost exactly: "Dian" is a shorthand for Yunnan province, and "hong" means red. In China,

Rooibos (pronounced 'roy-bos tea' -- Afrikaans for 'red bush tea') Red Tea comes from South Africa. Long known as the land of long white sandy beaches, lots of wild animals, picturesque landscapes, breathtaking vistas and awe inspiring mountain

With all the attention that tea has been receiving lately, many people are trying Rooibos or Red Tea for the first time. This delicious tea deserves our attention, because of its wonderful flavor and many health benefits.

What is it? Red Tea, which is also called Rooibos (in reference to the plant that it comes from), is a common South African tea. It is made from the oxidized and dried leaves of the "Aspalathis linearis" plant. The rooibos plant is grown in a re

This article focuses on Rooibos, a plant used to produce a drink known as South African red tea, or just red tea, not to be confused with the Chinese term "red tea" which refers to what Westerners call "black tea". Rooibos also refers to a caffe

Many families in the past and even today frequently use tea kettles each morning to start their day. Teas, coffees and hot chocolate are what we usually drink in the morning before starting our work in the house or in the office. There are many

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