If you understand how to write articles to promote your healing business then you will make money from your business

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Article writing will make you money. If you understand how to write articles to promote your
healing business then you will make money from your business. In many cases that is the only
advertising that a website needs due to the power of article marketing in generating traffic - not
just any traffic, but traffic focused on the product you are selling and therefore already practically
Note the term 'if you understand how to', because that is the qualifying factor in the success of any
article marketing campaign. Writing articles is a learned skill, and most people have to be shown
or taught how to write articles that can promote a healing business as opposed simply to offer  information.

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Sure, the information is very important, because if that is not meaningful or helpful then readers
won't stay with you. However, there are ways to provide useful information and also promote your
business while you are doing it. Here are some article writing tips that you can use to write articles
to promote your healing business and make money, which, after all is said and done, is your major
objective. Whether you are a reiki master, spiritual healer or life coach you need to make money. It
all begins with the title.
The Title
The title of your article should be eye catching and offer something your customers might want.
However, there is more to it than that since your greatest rewards will come if your article is listed
in Google or any of the other search engines. Google is the biggest by far, so let's discuss them as
the example. Once your article has been accepted for publication on an article directory, it can be
searched and listed just like any other web page. Your title will be the heading in your Google
listing, and must be optimized for the main keywords used in the article. It must catch the eye and
state a benefit the visitor will get by reading it.

The Keywords
These keywords should be carefully chosen not to be too competitive or you will find it difficult to
get a good listing, but not so rare that few people will use them. You are looking for medium
demand and low supply. You want traffic, and you won't get much of that unless you are on Page
#1 of Google, or perhaps in a high position on Page #2. The more competition there is from other
sites using the same keywords as you, the less chance you will have of competing successfully for
the traffic using these keywords, so go for the middle road.
Opening Paragraph
The opening paragraph is the most important. When you write articles you should pay more
attention to this paragraph than any other, because when you promote your healing business
people will judge your site from that paragraph. Many will stop reading unless your initial
paragraph is sufficiently compelling to keep them on the page.
That is where you state the benefit the reader will get from reading the article, and how you can
help them to attain the objective they had in mind when they clicked on the title to read it. They
aren't interested in the skills of article writing, or even why you write articles to promote your
healing business: they want to be healed, so tell them how you can do that and how they will
benefit from it.
Article Body
The body of the article should continue from the opening paragraph, offering what was promised
and maintaining the topic as defined by the title. Make it interesting and offer information, and
keep the final paragraph and resource in mind as you write.
The body of your article should also contain the same keywords: around 0.5% - 1% keywords is
fine, with the remainder of the relevance to the topic coming from the semantics, or vocabulary, of
the article. Google hates endless repetition of keywords, and prefers to detect the meaning of your
content by use of its LSI (latent semantic indexing) algorithm that analyzes the meaning of the
words you use in the article.
Final Paragraph
This sums up what you have already written, and defines how the benefits will be attained. For
example, here we have shown you how to write articles in a structured fashion, and that if you
focus your article to promote your healing business then your personal benefit will be to make
When you write to promote your business you should stress the benefits to the reader of being
healed using your methods. Writing articles is a learned skill, but worth learning if you are going to
make money by doing so, particularly if you can focus your entire advertising campaign on article
Your final paragraph should lead into the resource, and now that you know that by learning how to
write articles to promote your healing business, then it must surely be worthwhile you taking the
first steps toward learning about article writing and how you can use all the free traffic it can
achieve for you.
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marketing success, 'Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide'
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