9 Surprising Things that Can Make You FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 Surprising Things that Can Make You Fat

If you have been struggling with your weight for a while now, you may be wondering why you just can’t shift those extra pounds. Surprisingly there are some really random things that make you fat and you may not even realise it! We have put together a list of nine of these and explain why they are among the top getting fat causes in the world today.

1. Tap Water

Surprisingly tap water is one of the things that make you fat, especially if the tap water in your area is fluoridated because fluoride stops the body from absorbing iodine which in turn can slow down the thyroid and the metabolism. To avoid getting fat due to tap water find out whether the water in your area is fluoridated, and if it is, switch to bottled water.

2. Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one of the main getting fat causes that many of us succumb to. It is widely known that people who get enough sleep at night, have the energy to take part in more physical activity (which burns off calories) during the day. Alternatively, too much sleep can have the opposite effect, so make sure you get the recommended eight hours sleep at night to avoid getting fat.

3. Your Relationship

When you enter into a relationship for any length of time, you are likely to feel comfortable with your partner and often you won’t try so hard. Nights spent cuddling on the sofa with a movie and a takeaway may sound romantic but can all lead to you getting fat. To avoid getting fat engage your partner in some work-out activities or take a break during the week to ensure you are getting in the physical activity your body is craving for.

4. Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you may be taking antihistamines to cope with the symptoms. Surprisingly, these are known for being one of the things that make you fat – and are even given to anorexic patients to help increase their appetite. To avoid getting fit why not try some natural alternatives instead?

5. Stress

It is near impossible not to be influenced by stress at some point in life, but you should start to watch out if you are flooded with feelings of anxiety from time to time. Anxiety has been linked to comfort eating and it goes without saying that comfort eating is one of the things that make you fat. During moments of stress, our bodies also release a stress related hormone into our systems which unfortunately encourages our bodies to store fat.

6. Smoothies and Fruit Juices

Surprisingly, although smoothies and fruit juices may seem healthy, if you buy them from a shop or stall, they are likely to be full of fat, sugar and calories too. To avoid getting fat from drinking too many smoothies, try eating a piece of fruit as part of your 5 a day instead, or make sure to add up the calories that are included in each drink to make sure you keep within the recommended daily allowance.

7. Coffee

Coffee is wrongly believed to help you lose weight due to the way that it increases the metabolism. Whilst technically it can do this, it’s not going to help you avoid getting fat if you are drinking a 300 calorie latte three times a day! If you still want to drink coffee, avoid the things that make you fat like lattes and mochas and opt for a skinny or a black coffee instead… and watch the number of sugars you include!

8. Sluggish Liver

Your liver is a vitally important organ as it is responsible for turning your body’s fat into energy, removing toxins and maintaining your metabolic rate. If it is overloaded with toxins such as alcohol it cannot do any of the above correctly and as such cannot burn calories effectively. To avoid getting fat due to a sluggish liver, try and eat a balanced diet and cut down on your alcohol intake.

9. Television

Yes television and any sedentary activities can be listed under the getting fat causes. It doesn’t matter how healthy the food is that you eat if you spend your life sitting down in one position. Eating in front of the TV can also increase the amount of food you eat as you don’t notice what you are eating. To avoid getting fat, eat meals at the dinner table and hit the gym or the pool in the evenings… or exercise whilst watching TV!


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