PAPYRUS OF AKHU /SHEET 2/ZEP TEPI bloodline of the gods

3-THE BLOODLINE of the GODS /NTR before the 144000 they was called the SHEMSU HOR ,the followers of HERU ,HORUS at HELIOPOLIS ,these demi gods was the keepers of the ancient KEMETIC SCIENCES and ASTRONOMICAL knowledge the NTR left to them ,THE ANCIENT KEMETIC PRIESTHOOD which are 7 different types of priest TAUGHT the festivals and guided the mortal population ,thus the intiate must learn that THE NETERU ruled and reigned for HUNDREDS OF YEARS EACH for a total of 23,200 years after this the SHEMSU HOR REIGNED A TOTAL OF 13,400 years then the papyrus of TURIN goes to list the HISTORICAL MORTAL KINGS and MANETHO at that time was the TRANSMITTER which he wrote a book called THE HISTORY OF EGYPT written in the 3rd century bc MANETHO was a high priest of HELIOPOLIS at the time MANETHO was to preserve the ancient KEMETIC traditions ,the book was divided into three volumes 1-THE GODS 2-DEMI-GODS 3-THE SPIRITS OF THE DEAD AND THE MORTAL KINGS ,the blood line of the NETERU is called the SHEMSU HOR ,the SHEMSU HOR was masters of the 25,920 YEAR precession and the cycles ,the SHEMSU HOR are the ones with the elongated skulls ,NOW they are the ones with special abilities and a mysteries MAGNETIC ATTRACTION FOR KEMETIC SCIENCES AND THE ARTS OF HEKAU ,so 13900+1255+1817+1790+350+5813=24,950 years and counting back from the mortal MENES 3050 BC ,SYNCELLUS preserved yet another set of figures ,as well as the BOOK OF SOTHIS ,HERODOTUS wrote that the ANCIENT KEMITES HAD GODS RULING OVER THEM ,learn that the RECORD OF THE PRIEST WAS 341 GENERATIONS ,THREE HUNDRED GENERATIONS are 10,000 years three generations being equal to a hundred and over above the three hundred the remaining 41 cover 13 hundred and 40 years ,thus the whole period is 11,340 years in all of which time they had no KING WHO WAS GOD IN HUMAN FORM ,also ALULIM was the first KING OF SUMERIA HIS REIGN WAS 28,800 YEARS FOLLOWED BY SEVERAL OTHER KINGS THESE KINGS RULED FOR 241,200 YEARS FROM THE TIME WHEN KINGSHIP WAS LOWERED FROM THE HEAVENS .


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