Cocktail of Human Disease Viruses                                                       I healed my son! It pays to have knowledge of healing. My 4 year old son jabari came home from school with a whooping cold. He could barely talk without coughing. Fortunately his father is the off-spring of thoth and knew how to heal with natural remedies. I gave him a tea spoon of 100% pure honey, to suppress the cough, then I gave him a cup of white tea and green tea.  White tea is a natural killer of bacteria and viruses. The antioxidants so abundant in white tea, it powers the entire immune system, providing protection against a variety of invaders and a wide range of diseases. Its helps guard against the common cold and flu, Green tea also combats flu viruses. Not to mention I sent mental energy to the molecules of the natural substances I was using. Thoth knows how to communicate with the sub atomic energy of many substances. I offer many healing links on my blogger page check them out. Remember if no one knows thoth knows.


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