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You've heard a lot about bad for you foods to avoid when you're out, but what about the ones right
inside your own kitchen? These ten foods are ones that you'll want to steer clear of at home to
keep your healthy eating plan on track.

1) Sugary drinks - including soda, sweetened tea and fruit punch or other flavored drinks. Each 12-
ounce can of soda has almost 7 teaspoons of sugar, about 140 calories. Healthier options are
water and diet soda or drinks without added sugar.

2) Processed meats - the ones you'd expect like sausages, hot dogs and bacon are high in fat and
sodium, even when the label says otherwise. Your healthier options are chicken or fish, or lean
cuts of cooked beef, and remember to watch your portion sizes.

3) White bread - a favorite of childhood, and a mainstay of many diets, is made from refined white
flour and has very little in the way of nutrients and fiber. You ought to limit your intake, or
substitute whole grain varieties that have the term "whole" on the label. Don't be fooled by color.

4) Whole milk - another staple of our earliest years, this option is loaded with fat and calories kids
need, adults don't. Look for "low fat" varieties instead, and mix with whole or skim/low fat to get
your taste buds used to the change.

5) Canned/Instant soup - expensive and loaded with salt (even the low sodium varieties) these
soups are a definite no-no for healthy eating. Your best bet is to make your own soup, or choose
brands that are considered healthier options.

6) Junk food - all our good-tasting favorites... things like chips, crackers, cupcakes, even if labeled
"low fat" or "trans fat free" are still empty calories and loaded with sodium and other chemicals.
You'll want to limit your intake to keep a healthy diet going, and substitute fruits or veggies instead.
Even if you can't or don't want to eliminate them totally, be aware of your junk food portion sizes,
and try to keep these in control.

7) Stick spreads - today the grocery cases hold more choices than ever, but it's important to
understand that butter or margarine in stick form are full of saturated fats and trans fats. Look for
trans fat free tub spreads instead, and be sure to limit how much you use.

8) White rice - requires added steps in processing, which removes nutrients that must then be
added back in synthetic ways (fortified white rice). Replacing this form with brown rice, whole
wheat or barley varieties has been shown to bring drown the risk of type 2 diabetes.

9) Yogurt, unless plain - avoid the brands that are filled with fat and sugar, It's better to choose
plain, low fat yogurt and add your own fresh fruit instead.

10) Processed cheese - anything labeled "cheese food", "cheese spread" or "cheese product" is
short for lots of fat and salt, and in some cases, no cheese at all. Instead choose the real thing and
keep your portion sizes in line.

It's never too late to start eating healthy, and to get your kitchen in shape to support your efforts by
getting rid of all the bad for you foods. Remember, what you put into your body is under your
control, and can really impact the quality of your life.

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Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to healing with crystals.
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