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Color has a profound affect on how we feel. This has been reflected in our language, when we talk
about someone feeling blue, or seeing red, or looking at life through rose colored glasses. Over
time, color experts have noticed how specific colors affect us, and you can use this knowledge to
help you mentally and emotionally.
In school, we learned that the seven basic colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, and violet. Each of these colors has a special affect on the way people feel and
behave. Red tends to be energizing, and can help with self-confidence. Orange can make people
more sociable, and more success-oriented, while yellow helps with mental clarity and curiosity.
Both orange and yellow can have an uplifting effect on people.
If you find yourself nervous, green might help. Green has a harmonizing and calming effect on
your emotions. Use blue if you want to improve your communication skills or relax mentally. creative pursuits, violet may help by bringing you inspiration.
Equipped with this knowledge, you need to bring these colors into your life. There are many ways
to do this. Certainly one way you can do this very readily is by bringing color into your immediate
environment. The colors of the walls in your home can have a strong effect on your feelings. For
instance, a room with deep red walls will have a completely different effect on you than a room
with calming green walls.
There are, however, other ways to bring color into your life. One way is through colored light bulbs.
Another way is to wear colored glasses. There are both bulbs and glasses specially designed for
the purpose of color therapy. Usually a brief exposure exposure of between fifteen minutes and an
hour a day to either the bulbs or the glasses is all that is need to begin to notice an effect on how
you feel. (if you get the colored glasses, make sure they filter out harmful ultraviolet rays, just as
good sunglasses would.) Another way to introduce color into your life is through the use of color
essences. Color essence are water which has been "charged" with the energy of specific colors.
Color therapy is just one form of alternative medicine and holistic care. With a little bit of
knowledge and some self-experimentation, you can find ways that color can improve the quality of
your life.
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Author: Stephen Sweet. Copyright 2007.
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