Homosexuals couples tends to want the same rights and legal privileges as straight couples. Even though I agree with The law acknowledging same sex unions and certain rights should be granted, but straight couples should always have more rights and privileges. People seem to forget, overlook,or under value that the male and female  union is the reason we as the human species exist, survived, and populated the earth. The male and female union is the reason homosexuals are able to present there argument to congress. Without them being reproduced through the male and female reproduction process they would not exist. The male and female union is the pinnacle of a union, they should be viewed as god like, the apex of partnership, the reason you exist and any couple that's not of the same union should want to observe and respect this sacred union. Don't get this confused with me saying you must or should respect all straight couples because of these reasons. Respect is earned. I am trying to express the act and the principle of the female and male union should have no other couple's union equal to it. Without this union and the ability of this union to replicate and reproduce our human DNA at a rapid rate, the human species would not have survived or evolved and wouldn't be in existence. The male and female union have proved to deserve respect and still do. Marriage is simply a gesture of acknowledging and appreciating what this union have done for our human species,so we created a ceremony and granted privileges to humans that wants to be acknowledge as a couple in compliance to the principles of the male and female union. Some believe the strong survives, this may be true in very limited circumstances. Most of the times it's the most efficient reproducer survives. Homosexual wanting rights as a couple is okay, actual I agree with it. Homosexual wanting equal privileges and rights as a straight couple is out right disrespectful. 


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