The benefits of lemon juice are super powerful and highly enjoyable. This little yellow fireball will
do more for your health than a week's worth of unnatural, highly-processed junk food.
1. Prevents indigestion.
Many people use this juice to relieve symptoms of indigestion, including heartburn, bloating and
2. Good for bowel health.
One of the health benefits of lemon juice is its ability to improve the process of eliminating waste
via the bowels. This cures various bowel problems, such as constipation.
3. Escape scurvy.
It's probably not something you're going to have to deal with but it's interesting nonetheless.
Sailors knew of the high vitamin C and used it to fend off scurvy while on the high seas.
4. Eliminates acne.
Lemon's acne-preventing ability is perhaps one of the most popular benefits of lemon juice. It is
known to heal your skin from within and promotes that "healthy glow" that everyone wants.
If you drink this juice daily, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your skin.
5. Fights throat infections.
Lemon is packed with strong antibacterial qualities and therefore is effective at fighting throat
infections. Next time you have a sore throat, try honey/lemon tea - it works wonders.
6. Relieves toothaches.
One of the most interesting benefits is its power to relieve toothaches. Toothache pain has got to
be some of the worst pain around, and it's not something easily cured.
Painkillers can and sometimes do work, but if you're looking for a natural solution, drink some of
this amazing juice. This will also freshen your breath and stop any gum bleeding.
7. Enhances the mood.
Yep, that's right. Drinking this juice enhances the mood. This is probably the best of the benefits of
lemon juice. It makes you feel better and reduces mental stress. Trying drinking it before a big
test. The bright yellow color can also be enough to make a person smile!
The benefits of lemon juice are powerful, and they are definitely worth taking advantage of. In the
21st century, more and more people are seeking a natural solution to their health problems. This
"natural solution" can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, including lemons.
Juicing is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of lemon juice. One of the best combinations is
lemon, grapefruit, beetroot and ginger, and it packs a powerful punch! Want more information on
juicing lemons? Check out the Health Benefits of Lemon Juice at Healthy-Juicing.com
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