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Golden Seal has long been one of the most important herbs that people have used for many years
to provide health benefits that are myriad. It was used by Native American Indians of the
Appalachian Mountains hundreds of years ago and in the 1600's settlers to some of those states
were introduced to this herb and adopted its use from the Indians.
It is a member of the buttercup family and received its name because of its golden yellow root that
looked scarred like a seal's skin. Golden Seal is also called more colloquial names such as yellow
root, ground raspberry and eye root. The herb is quite potent and has stood the test of time to
remain as one of the most important remedies used in alternative health care.
The herb is generally known for its superb antibiotic treatment and viral suppression properties. In
fact, Native Americans used it hundreds of years ago for inflammation of the mouth and eyes.
Today, it is an effective antibiotic for treating sinus infections and throat problems like tonsillitis.
Infections of the urinary tract and liver issues also respond well to Golden Seal. It is also very
effective for colds, flu and some respiratory infections when used in combination with Echinacea.
It is not only used for its antibiotic properties but is works well in treating many types of stomach
problems such as indigestion, ulcers and even colitis. Viral infections can be treated quite
effectively as well. Herpes sores, mouth and gum problems as well as fever blisters respond to
treatment with Golden Seal. Even an earache can be treated with the herb by mixing it with olive
oil and dropping it into the ear. You also can brew a cup of the herbal tea, strain the liquid and
drop it into eyes that are infected with pink for good results.
Other health issues such as ringworm, candida, and skin problems can be treated with Golden
Seal. The herb is effective in balancing blood sugar levels because it is a natural insulin
replacement. You can use an herbal laxative made with Golden Seal that can provide regularity.
You can even use it to treat Malaria. In fact, it is preferred over the drug Quinine because it
doesn't have the side affects that Quinine has.
You can find the herb in various forms such as capsules, tablets, homeopathic liquid, tea or in
combination with other herbal supplements. If used by itself, Golden Seal is best used at 250 mgs.
to 500 mgs. three times a day for most health condition. There are no major side effects unless
you take too much of the herb. Do not take it by itself for more than two weeks because it can
develop toxicity in the body if taken too long. Only people with the conditions of hypoglycaemia or
high blood pressure should not use Golden Seal.
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Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to heal with crystals.
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