Bacopa monniera, The herb that makes your brain super powerful!

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Bacopa monniera extract is derived from the herb known as bacopa. In fact this herb is used in
Indian system of ayurveda for over thousands of years. It is called Brahmi in India. It has been
used in India for memory enhancement. There are scientific evidences to show the benefits of this
herb for the heath of the brain.
For any disease the reason is only one. That is the nutrition deficiency. Lack of memory is a
disease. If we provide proper nutrition we can recover and improve our memory. The problem is in
identifying the proper nutrition. In this respect bacopa monniera extract plays a vital role in
memory enhancement.
                    Our brain is nothing but billions of nerve cells connected to each other. There is an arrangement
called synapse that ensures connection amongst the cells. The chemical neurotransmitters are
released from a cell through the synapse. The receptors in the second cell receive them in the
form of chemical and electrical signals. In this way the net work of neurotransmission work that are
responsible for our memory. The central to the health of the net work is the synapse that has
neurons in them.
The active principle in the bacopa monniera extract is their bacosides A and B. These ingredients
provide required muscles to the protein that has the potency to generate new neurons to replace
the damaged and old ones. This is the way to keep the health of the synapse. If we maintain the
synapse healthier our memory will be in tact and even we can improve upon it.
However the story does not end here. If bacosides have to reach the brain, the blood circulation
near the brain should be good. However the blood vessels near the brain are soft and have the
tendency to contract. The solution is to relax the blood vessels. This can be done by another
nutrition called vinpocetine. This nutrition is a great antioxidant as well as having the neuro
protective properties. This is deposited in the herb known as vinca minor.
The bacopa monniera extract and vinpocetine are the ideal combination for memory
enhancement. The problem is to get them in an ideal proportion in our diet. The best solution is to
take a natural nutrition supplement but availability in the market is rare with such a unique
combination. Fortunately I could find a fantastic natural nutrition supplement that has both these
herbs in addition to another 70 natural herbs and salts. Visit my website and I am sure you will
know more about bacopa monniera extract.
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