Nicotine - Is Healthy!!!!!

Many people assume that Nicotine is bad for you but actually nothing could be further from the truth, medical evidence and research at shows it does not cause cancer and could actually provide health benefits.


The problem with nicotine is its reputation caused by its association with smoking.
In a recent paper at the website, titled "Nicotine as Therapy" by Tabitha
M. Powledge. She notes that:
"There's a cheap, common, and mostly safe drug, in daily use for centuries by hundreds of millions
of people, that only lately has been investigated for its therapeutic potential for a long list of
common ills.
The list includes Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, depression and anxiety, schizophrenia,
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and even pain and obesity.
Why has interest in this potential cure-all been slow to develop? One reason: in its current forms
the drug offers pharmaceutical companies no possibility of substantial profit.
Another, perhaps more important: the drug is reviled as the world's most addictive. The drug, of
course, is nicotine"
Public perception of Nicotine is negative.
Therefore close the eyes and ears to the evidence that it can be healthy when not combined with
other harmful substances,
There are in fact thousands of chemicals contained in cigarettes, which some of them are the main
killers such as carbon Monoxide, arsenic and ammonia, to name a few.
For example, there is no evidence that nicotine causes cancer, although many people think it

Nicotine in pure form is safe actually and non toxic.
In fact many of us who don't smoke put nicotine in our bodies everyday as it is present in many
vegetables, such as potatoes, tomatoes and cauliflower and even some teas.
Nicotine is actually a naturally occurring compound in nature.
Nicotine suffers its bad reputation simply due to its presence in cigarette smoking, which we all
know is one of the major killers in the western world.
A bad reputation by association
The key with nicotine is education. The research on the benefits of nicotine has aroused serious
interest and has even been funded by the Federal Government.
Once it gets over its bad reputation and people can see Nicotine away from cigarette smoking, the
benefits of nicotine will become more widespread and accepted by the general public.

Niclite is a Nicotine drink that contains just Nicotine in ots pure form in a refreshing lemon flavored
drink and is aimed at for when people cannnot smoke or are not allowed to smoke and is available
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