3 Ways to Get Rid of Cankles

Everyone from actresses to regular folk like you and I are wondering how to get rid of cankles. What is a cankle you may ask? Well, it's the unsightly combination of your calf muscle and your ankle. They come together to form the fatty annoyance that we continuously try our best to get rid of. Fortunately there are things that can be done to get rid of cankles.
There's a bunch of random areas of the body that, unfortunately, gain weight in weird ways. With any weight issue comes a few solutions related to one's lifestyle including diet, and frequency of exercise. Do away with stressing about how to get rid of cankles and take these few steps of action to see some results.
1. Jogging and Leg Exercises - Sprints or leg lunges can ultimately reveal some pretty successful results if done on a schedule for at least 2-3 weeks. Ty incorporating a Pilates class, along with jogging 3-4 times a week and you'll be surprised how your legs start to take shape and how your cankles start to magically disappear.
2. Calf Raises - What better way to get rid of cankles than targeting the source? Executing a scheduled series of calf raises, along with weights can help to speed up the process of weight loss in the area.
3. Diet - Unfortunately, if you want to start losing weight in odd places, you're going to have to change the way you eat. What we fail to realize is that fatty pocket between the calf and ankle is actually water being retained due to high levels of sodium and lack of exercise. Watch what you eat to make sure you don't enable the possibility of unsightly cankles.

Ignoring the issue and just covering cankles up by wearing long pants, or thick socks, will simply add to your lack of self esteem. You can step out every day and hide your cankles to the rest of the world, but when you come home, and take off all the garments, low and behold...cankles.
When the time comes to rock a swim suit, you'll simply get ridiculed if you step out on the beach with some fluffy gym socks, drawing more attention to yourself than you would have if you just wore your cankles out that day. Take charge and take the necessary steps to get rid of your cankles as opposed to taking shortcuts.
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