Cankles Why Everyone is Researching the Funny Sounding Word on the Internet

Over the past few years, the word "cankles" has been all over the Internet, the news, television programming and has been talked about by best friends, sisters, mothers, daughters and everyone in between. While there is no definitive proof, it is thought that the word cankles came from combining the words calf and ankle. The reasoning behind this is due to the area on the human body being referred to is the area stretching from the lower calf down to, and including the ankle.
Internet searches for cankles has dramatically increased over the last couple of years and there seems to be no let up. To clarify, a person typically claims that they have cankles when there seems to be an excess fat buildup in the lower calf and ankle area. Cankles can be at times referred to as fat ankles or thick ankles. Here are a few reasons why this area of the body is making people turn to the Internet for answers:
· The main complaint about cankles is that there is no specific exercise to help lose weight in the lower calf and ankle area. Companies and fitness experts have been steadily trying to come up with new ideas and ways that make the ankles and lower calves become smaller. Some ideas have seen scattered results, but there seems to be no definitive way to lose weight in that area.
· Cankles have taken the plastic surgery world by storm. Plastic surgeons are now performing liposuction on cankles and in turn are charging several thousand dollars for the procedure.
· The trend of women wanting to know more about fighting and concealing cankles has also sparked a shoe trend, with several shoe companies developing and selling shoes that claim to conceal and hide cankles.
· Personal trainers and gyms across the United States are offering specialized programs in order to specifically concentrate on the cankle area.
· Remedies and solutions to fighting cankles and giving the ankle a tapered appearance has even caused a few untraditional treatment approaches. One of these approaches makes use of hemorrhoid cream and bandages.
With no cure for cankles as of yet and more people becoming annoyed if they have them, this looks like a health, body and fitness issue that is certainly going to hang around awhile. For more on this fitness niche and more like it, visit
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