Eggplants May Help You Quit Smoking

Eggplants contain nicotinic acid (Vitamin PP) which gives bitterness to this vegetable. German scientists say that due to this eggplants may help smokers to quit smoking. Experts say that small concentration of nicotine in eggplants is enough to minimize discomfort in smokers caused by refusal from smoking. Therefore, everyday consumption of eggplants may replace nicotine patch which also is made to remove withdrawals.
At the same time, eggplants are not able to harm human body because 10g of Eggplants contain just 1 mcg nicotine (to compare, a cigarette contains 1000 mcg nicotine).
According to World Health Organization, every year in the world 5 million people die from different diseases connected with smoking. One third of all cancer cases is connected with smoking. Total economic wastes on smoking constitute not less than 200 billion dollars annually.
The spread of tobacco smoking in the USA is high enough in comparison with other countries in the world. 42% of all cases of male premature death at the age of 35-69 years are connected with smoking. Every year in the USA about 260 million people early die from diseases caused by smoking.
Eggplant is popular around the whole world. This vegetable gives everyone a wonderful chance to create the classic eggplant dishes as well as experiment with a wide range of recipes. Eggplant is simple and perfect to use it to prepare home dishes. Eggplant is wonderful in salads, soups, main courses, casseroles and side dishes. Eggplant with its exotic in taste and texture can be prepared in a different ways.

From oven roasting to grilling, eggplant can be a staple in any diet. Eggplant is mostly made from water, which means some care in properly preparing it for the cooking method of choice definitely comes into play. Eggplant gives best results when used immediately or within a day or two of bringing it home from the market.
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