Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat Fast

Body Types

There are different types of bodies genetically. This is an important thing to understand because it's the reason why you hold onto fat in your inner thighs while other people hold onto it in their stomachs and still others seem to hold onto fat equally all over their bodies. Those that hold onto fat in their thighs are called "pear shapes" and if that describes you, do not fret because it could be much worse. Women who hold onto their weight in their thighs tend to be more physically attractive when they lose weight than those that hold onto weight elsewhere. In otherwords: It's good to be shapely! You just need to lower your body fat % so that shape is more how you want it to be.

Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

There's no exercise you can do or special pills you can take that will help you to burn fat specifically in your inner thighs. It just doesn't work like that! What you can do is lower your overall body fat percentage and then your body will naturally burn off the fat in your thighs because it will have no other choice.

How To Lower Body Fat Percentage

Diet & exercise. Sorry if you were looking for something easier but there is nothing easier. Pills don't work. Specific exercises don't work. What does work is a combination of a good fat burning diet (that's a diet which is focused on "Green Light" foods which force your body to burn fat) along with cardio and strength training exercises. You can get rid of inner thigh fat you just need to take the right approach.

Strength Training Exercise?

You may think that strength training is only for men but it's not. It's good for women as well. Each pound of muscle you add to your body will burn an additional 50 calories per day (even at rest.) Muscle weight makes it easier to keep fat off your body! It also makes it easier to burn fat in the first place.

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