Get Rid of Jealousy or Be Prepared To Be Emotionally Insecure

Is jealousy a problem in your relationship? Does it keep you awake at nights? Are you experiencing feelings of insecurity and even low self esteem because you feel so jealous over your partner?

Then here is the only choice you have if you are to have a healthy relationship - get rid of jealousy from your life.

Incessant jealousy and emotional security are at opposite ends of the personal happiness scale; the choice to get rid of jealousy is really a choice for happiness in your life.

Are there going to be times when you do feel some form of jealousy in your relationship? Of course this will happen, few are lucky enough to escape this. Even when your partner has nothing to do with those feelings, just based on what is happening in your own head at times can lead to feelings of jealousy.

So this is not about being a purist when it comes to jealousy. This is about getting rid of insidious jealousy that is bound to threaten your relationship or even other aspects of your life in the long run.

For if you do not have a high level of emotional security in your life, you are bound to perform at less than optimum levels in all areas of your life that are important to you.

The question therefore is how important are these other aspects of your life - your job, your relationship with your extended family, your relationship with friends, and your capacity to really enjoy life. How important are these to you?

If they are, and there is no reason why they should not be, then the correct decision has to be about getting rid of jealousy rather than seeking to either live with it or control it once it infects your relationship.

Once you make the decision to get rid of jealousy, you will experience an elevation of mood, an elevation of your will power to deal with the underlying issues.

This is because you have just shifted your focus from being a victim to being someone who is taking responsibility for his or her own happiness. It provides a temporary emotional high which immediately gives you an insight into why it is so important for you to get rid of jealousy.

Emotional security can thrive only in an environment where there is a healthy level of self-esteem, a feeling that this environment is nourishing of that self-esteem and not undermining it. Jealousy does just that to your self-esteem. There is no other option but to get rid of it if you are going to experience real love and happiness.

Getting rid of jealousy in your relationship means addressing issues such as rebuilding trust and enhancing intimacy.

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