Get Rid of Jealousy or Choose Not To Love

Ridding your relationship of jealousy or creating an environment where it is difficult for jealousy to take root and thrive, is one of the most fundamental decisions you can take towards enhancing love in your relationship.

Having said that, you should know this - a relationship where jealousy thrives cannot be a relationship where love thrives. The choice to rid your relationship of jealousy is the choice to create an environment in which love can thrive and become manifest.

We have all heard it said too many times - I am jealous because I love you.

Well, that may be an honest perception but that is all it is - a perception. Because the truth is love cannot exist where jealousy is pervasive.

Not getting rid of jealousy severely limits your own capacity to even appreciate the love that you are so desperately looking for. This is so because you are seeing most things coming from your partner with eyes of suspicion.

So how can you embrace something you are not able to appreciate or see correctly? You just cannot.

So if you harbor this mistaken view of the jealousy you are feeling in your relationship as somehow being as a result of loving your partner so much, get rid of it. It is neither true nor healthy.

Making a conscious choice to get rid of the jealousy itself is a much better approach rather than finding empty excuses for it such as the one above.

Love needs an environment of security to make itself manifest. Jealousy creates an environment that is opposite to this. If you are going to feel insecurity in your relationship then you clearly are going to be focused on feeling more secure.

Doesn't that make sense? It is a basic human trait - where a threat arises, the natural tendency is either to engage that threat or flee from it. If your faculties are constantly involved in either fleeing from or engaging the threat, how are they to now at the same time find it possible to give, receive or engage in love?

Do you understand how critical it is to your own happiness to get rid of jealousy from your relationship? Any other choice is really a choice to not experience real love and to continue in a state of muted misery at best.

So, you are not going to make a conscious choice to choose not to love. But conscious or not, once you make the choice to not get rid of jealousy this is the type of environment you are creating for your relationship - jealousy will thrive and love will not.

Getting rid of jealousy in your relationship means addressing issues such as rebuilding trust and enhancing intimacy.

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