Get Rid of Jealousy or Prepare To Be Miserable

Getting rid of jealousy from your relationship is more than just getting rid of the emotions that arise from jealousy. Getting rid of jealousy is choosing to live a life and have a relationship that is sound, nurturing and loving.

By any calculation this has to be worth any effort it should take to get rid of jealousy.

One area of your life that is fundamentally affected by choosing to live with jealousy is your own self esteem - how secure you feel about your self and who you are.

The feelings of jealousy are hard enough on that aspect of your life, but put the decision to live with jealousy in your life on top of all that and you are creating an insidious condition or environment that before long will have you wondering just who you are and that will end up destroying your relationship.

You may tell yourself that you are not making a decision to live with jealousy. But the fact that you are neither making the conscious choice to get rid of it reflects a state of mind that seems comfortable with living with it rather than doing something to get rid of it.

All of this may take place at a subconscious level so it gives the excuse that well, you are not really making the choice that results in this situation so you do not feel responsible.

Well, that in a nutshell is the problem when you do not make a conscious choice to rid your relationship of jealousy, to get rid of jealousy from your life. That is a choice that you make that says it is ok to live with misery given the pay-offs or given the difficulty that would be faced in dealing with the underlying issues.

And you know the saying - misery loves company. Well particularly in this case it is true. What you are most likely to find is that if you do not make the conscious choice to get rid of jealousy, then you are also likely to cause your partner undue misery given your state of mind.

You will seek out situations to make the environment uncomfortable for him or her, and pretty soon it will become so miserable that no one will want to be around you for long and then the relationship which you wanted so much will be destroyed.

This is how not dealing with jealousy in your relationship can become insidious. It is why you should make a conscious decision to get rid of jealousy if it is indeed a part of your life.

Getting rid of jealousy in your relationship means addressing issues such as rebuilding trust and enhancing intimacy.

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