Get Rid Of Moobs Exercises Weight Training Or Cardio Routines

Moobs, commonly known as man boobs, are a disturbing cosmetic condition which a great part of the male population suffers from. In fact, expert studies state that between 30-40% of all men have moobs to a certain degree.

What are moobs? They are deposits of excess fat centered in the chest area. In some cases, this leads to rounded, slightly protruding breast tissue, but in other cases, the chest area looks bloated similar to feminine breasts. There are also cases in which the male nipples look puffy or even distorted or asymmetrical.

One of the best ways to reduce moobs is through targeted exercise. Get rid of moobs exercises should do one of the following things if not both:

1. Develop the pectoral muscles in order to achieve a flatter, firmer look to the chest area.

2. Burn off as much chest fat as possible.

The first can be achieved by chest weight training, while the other can be done by cardiovascular workouts. But which is better in order to get rid of moobs? What should you concentrate on?

Well, I'm not going to make it easier for you, because the answer is: both.

You should incorporate weight training and cardiovascular workouts into your fitness routines. But don't do any old weight routines: focus on chest weight training exercises such as push-ups, chest flies, chest press and the chest crossover. When you do cardio workouts, do things in which your upper body is taking an active part such as swimming, running, walking and avoid routines like gym bicycles in which your upper body and chest muscles are stationary. Make sure to give your chest a complete workout both in terms of muscle development and in terms of chest fat loss.

While these exercises may not be able to totally eliminate your moobs, they can provide an excellent improvement in how your chest looks.

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