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Sunburns are normally caused by the UV-rays from the sun, but it is also common and possible to get a sunburn from UV lights (tanning beds) and other sources. One of the most common symptoms of sunburn is itching of the affected area. Getting sunburn relief on the itching can be a daunting task.

Most sunburns are actually first degree burns, though sometimes they can be second degree. What most don?t know, is a first degree sunburn can set in under half an hour in the sun. Having good sunburn relief readily available can save many restless, painful nights for those impacted. Most importantly, someone with a sunburn should remain out of the sun while the burn heals.

Blisters, skin irritation, general discomfort and other symptoms will occur with a sunburn within the first eight to twelve hours. Normally, no sunburn relief will naturally occur until as far as four days after the triggering event. As the sunburn severity increases, other symptoms may include cluster headaches, stomach discomfort, and severe itching. Some of the side effects can be debilitating temporarily. To avoid this situation, sunburn remedies and relief need to be considered on hand at all times.

One great solution is creating your own homemade sunburn relief products. One benefit from these is the ability to react quickly to a sunburn and get relief going. As the most prevalent sunburn is only a first degree burn, the top layer of skin is the only impacted area - thus, applying sunburn remedies quickly will result in a quicker healing process.

Many people looking for sunburn relief will reach for a product that contains anesthetics (used to really numb the area so you don?t feel the pain as intense). However, this process should be avoided. Those sunburn relief options using items such as benzocaine can trigger allergic reactions, and sometimes coat the skin to the level where the healing process actually takes longer than untreated sunburn skin.

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