How to Get Rid of a Hickey at Home

What are the hickeys and why are they so important?

How to get rid of a hickey? It is one of the questions asked by most of the lovers. Hickeys are the red patches often appearing on the face of the lovers. You may have seen some youths are trying to hide the hickeys. Some of the guys may pull their collar in weird way to hide the hickeys on the neck. However, if you got the hickey on your cheeks definitely you will not be able to avoid others seeing it. Therefore if you have got a hickey on your face you should take immediate actions to conceal it using a make up if you really do not want others to see it. However some of the youths may not mind although they got covered by hickeys all over them. But most of the youths really concern over the hickey issue. Teenage boys and girls those are having some frequent dating always get hickeys. They are quite alarmed that the hickey would be seen by their parents. It may take at least two weeks to get the hickey healed. So you have to cover it till it is vanished from your skin.

How did you get that nasty hickey?

So, what is this hickey? When you feel the warmth of love you may not know what you are doing. When a particular area of the skin is sucked for a prolonged period of time with the continuous kissing, the small blood capillaries on the skin will be broken. This will make some blood clots in the sucked area. These blood clots make the sucked area appear in red. So, let's see how to get rid of a hickey since your hickey may be a nuisance to you.

What you should do?

How to get rid of a hickey is one of the widely discussed topics among the young lovers.

Usually it takes around two weeks to get a complete recovery from a hickey. However the hickey which is visible on you should be covered in order to stay away from the tales made by different people on your whereabouts. Therefore concealing a hickey should be the major focus till you get a permanent solution for your hickey. However the treatments are necessary to get a fast relief from the hickeys.

How to get rid of a hickey through different home remedies? Cold pressing and dabbing with hot water are some of the major treatments to get rid of the hickeys fast. Cold pressing breaks the blood clots little by little. Hot water therapy heats the area where you have got the hickey. It will expand the capillaries and facilitates the removal of the clotted blood little by little.

Cold pressing is usually done with the metallic spoons placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. This therapy can be done with an ice bag also. It is involved with the placing of these cold objects on the hickey with intervals. However the treatment with the cold therapy should not exceed 20 minutes a day.

Both cold pressing and hot water treatment will help those who are worrying so much how to get rid of a hickey.

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