How To Get Rid Of Love Handles With A Weight Loss Exercise Program

Learn how to get rid of love handles

The first time I heard the phrase "girl with love handles" I thought that it was such a lovely description of a woman and imagined someone with a shapely figure that had all the curves in the right places. They would be warm and cuddly and it doesn't take too much imagination to dream up a reason why those extra folds of skin around the waistline are called love handles.

Alas not everyone finds love handles attractive and they can turn very ugly if they are left to grow unchecked. They also represent excess weight that isn't good for your overall health whether you're a man or a woman. Yes men get love handles too and frankly they are a lot less attractive on men than women. So lets take a look at the best way to lose love handles.

What is love handle fat?

Before you can start on a plan to eliminate love handles you need to understand what they are. Quite simply, they are fat, fat that your body has produced as a result of eating more calories than you burn off with exercise. Love handle fat, and other fat in your body is your body's way of storing energy until you need it.

Your fat store is a primitive mechanism that allowed our ancestors to survive through early evolution when they might only have been fortunate enough to eat once every few days. The excess energy intake from a rare feast would be stored as fat in the body then converted back into energy gradually until the next meal was available.

Your body still has this survival feature but today you will eat meals at the very least once a day and often much more often than this. Our primitive instinct of eating as much as you can whenever you can together with the opportunity to eat as often as you like has given all of us a challenge to keep our bodies in shape.

So your love handles are made up of rolls of fat covering the muscle on your waistline. They hang over your clothes, which is where they get their lovely name.

You have to exercise to get rid of love handles

In order to lose the fat on your love handles you have to persuade your body to burn it off for you. This will only happen if you expend more calories in exercise than consume in food. You can get this into balance by reducing the calories that you eat or increasing the exercise you take, or preferably both.

If you merely reduce your calorie intake then you will burn fat and lose weight. Unfortunately your body will also start to burn some of your lean muscle and other body mass too. You can't afford to lose your lean body mass so you need to compensate by increasing the exercise that you take. Exercise breaks down your muscle and encourages it to regenerate itself bigger and better than it was before. This way you can burn the fat but maintain your muscle.

Can you lose love handles fast?

Yes you can have them surgically removed but I don't think that you should do that. You can also drastically reduce your calorie intake but I don't recommend that either. Starving yourself will burn fat and destroy your muscle. It will also reduce your metabolism and increase your appetite, which is a sure fire recipe for putting all that weight and more back on very quickly. To do it properly you must exercise to lose fat on love handles and you should lose them slowly if you want to keep them off permanently.

Best exercise for love handles

The best exercise to lose love handles is just about any exercise you can manage regularly and as much of it as possible. For even better results you can follow a recognised weight loss exercise program but the important part is that you must do it regularly and often. Exercise together with proper nutrition and control of your calorie intake can burn your fat, build your muscle, lose weight slowly and keep it off permanently. This is how to get rid of love handles the right way and the whole process is explained in a free report found at Food to Help You Lose Weight

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