How To Get Rid Of Your Social Media Maggots


Is social media way overhyped? Which one is the most overhyped? And will car dealers be able to figure out which is and which isn't?


Overhyped social media? No way! All social media is extremely vital. No? Well of course it is. Yet there's still a bunch of hype about it that bothers me. It's even damaging and downright disgusting, actually. It's the way dealers handle the hype, and vendors shove that hype in a fancy box that actually does us dealers more harm than good.

When done correct and complete, social media is a beautiful butterfly that everyone wants to observe; spreading wonderful nectar from place to place. It's free and inspiring to watch. But so many dealers never complete the transformation to beautiful butterfly, and instead are left holding a big fat ugly wormy maggot.

That's right, I said maggot.

And your vendors show the maggot off to all your perspective and current customers. To be more specific, the most overhyped social media in the world of auto sales are the social bookmark icons sitting on dealers' websites that are linking to a bunch of maggots!

So, unless you have beautiful butterflies on the other side of your social media links, take the maggots off your homepage. And, hit me up if I can help you transform them, one dealer to another.


There are many simple ways that anyone can link to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, and more without looking like a maggot. And the way to do it is to grow the butterfly first. It takes a little time, but not much, and the results are beautiful! If you need any help at all, get in touch with me through my website -- William Bryant -- and let's discuss your needs! Link to my blog for more *FREE* information

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