How to Get Rid of Zits Clearer Skin Naturally

While there are plenty of prescription treatments that offer a solution for how to get rid of zits, using a more natural approach is a much better option. Oftentimes, the more synthetic a treatment is, the higher the chance that someone will have a negative reaction to it. In some cases, a product can actually make the original problem worse. However, most often, there are a whole host of negative side effects that people report when using doctor-prescribed treatments. These are typically a rash, severely dry skin, or photo-sensitivity, which can limit your lifestyle if you like to spend lots of time outdoors.

Luckily, there are plenty of all-natural solutions when it comes to how to get rid of zits and acne safely and effectively. Many of these items are easily found in a health food or drugstore and are relatively inexpensive. Although it is possible for anyone to have a potentially negative reaction to a product or substance, the likelihood of encountering such a problem with an all-natural product is much less than with a chemical-laden one. However, as there is always a possibility, it is always highly advisable to do a patch test on your skin before applying the treatment to your blemishes. A patch test simply entails applying a small amount of the product to an area of the body, such as the crease of the elbow, and then waiting up to 24 hours to see if any sort of symptoms develop.

In terms of the treatments themselves for how to get rid of zits, a popular, yet quite effective one, is to put a dab of toothpaste onto the blemish. It is important to use cream, not gel, toothpaste in order to get the best effect. In essence, this is drying out the pimple yet is not affecting the area around the blemish. It is often reported to be as effective, if not more so, than conventional hydrogen peroxide treatments. However, it is much less expensive and you do not run the risk of bleaching your clothes and towels.

Another treatment that is now more popular than ever is tea tree oil. This natural solution has inherent antiseptic and antibacterial properties that serve to remove the bacteria that cause or exacerbate one's zits. In addition, it also can help reduce and dry out the pimple without having negative affects on the surrounding skin. Avoiding synthetic chemicals in lieu of using more natural approaches is truly the best answer for how to get rid of zits and acne.

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