How to Get Rid of Zits Top 3 Skin Care Blunders That Make Zits Spiral Out of Control

Many people wonder how to get rid of zits. The bad thing about zits is the happen at the most incontinent times. Typically they pop up a couple days before a big event such as a date or wedding. This problem is not only unsightly but embarrassing. The biggest problem when treating the pimples is often times people make skin care blunders that make the acne spiral out of control.

Skin Blunder 1 - Squeezing the Zit

Squeezing a zit seems like it would be a good thing to do but in reality it is one of the worst. When a person pops a pimple the infected area is spread all over the face. The spread of these bacteria often will plunge into pores which causes them to become clogged. These clogged pores then get infected and more zits surface, this is the main reason why acne spreads. The second reason why squeezing a zit is bad is because scaring is likely to occur, the only thing worse than a zit is a permanent scar.

Skin Blunder 2 - Trying to Cover the Zits up

I know it's a gut reaction to reach for that bottle of foundation to cover up the blemish, but think twice before doing so. The last thing a person wants to do is cover already clogged pores with more oily cosmetics. These oil based cosmetics soak into the pores and add to the blockage. I know in a world where impressions are everything it's hard to resist the temptation but it's better to have a zit for a few days then have an outbreak that lasts for weeks. Should you decide to wear makeup to wear makeup be sure to remove it before sleep and cleanse all cosmetic brushes daily. I would also suggest investing in cosmetics that are not oil based.

Skin Blunder 3 - Scrubbing away the Zits

Grabbing the latest and greatest acne fighter is tempting but chances are the strong chemicals in most cleansers are only going to irritate your face. The only thing worse than zits, is a face full of inflamed, red acne. This also applies to how the face is cleaned. There is no need to try and scrub away the pimples as that will highly increase the risk of scaring. Instead of scrubbing the zits with highly abrasive chemicals, use a mild gentle soap two times per day.

Avoiding these skin care blunders will not only help you learn how to get rid of zits, but prevent scaring and future outbreaks.

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