The Advantages of Eggplant for Your Health

Eggplant is one of vegetables that we serve as menu in daily life. Easy to cook and have full nutrient and advantages for our health. There are varieties of eggplant, but the advantages just the same for our health. The advantages to eat eggplant for your special menu, explained and see below ;

1. Avoid from Atherosclerosis

Based on survey to rabbit that happened on 1970 indicated, rabbits were given eggplant continuously, proved could decrease fat in their artery so that avoid from atherosclerosis. 2. Decrease cholesterol Fibrous contain is found in the varieties of eggplant, 2,5 gram until 100 gram . As you may know, fibrous can prevent to absorb fat and cholesterol. The obstructions of cholesterol, especially LDL, help to decrease cholesterol.

2. Decrease your nerve strained.

Eggplant is believed to decrease psychology shock and stress at Nigeria, because eggplant contains scopoletin and scoparone that help to oppose epilepsy and others stress factor.

3. Prevent from cancer risk

Based on survey at Japan, proved that eggplant can help to decrease cancer risk, because eggplant contains inhibitor. Others survey proved that clorogenat in the eggplant has activity to prevent cancer, antivirus, and antinarcotics.

4. Prevent to hypertension

Eggplant has high potassium, 217mg / 100 gram and low sodium (natrium), 3mg/ 100 gram. The highest potassium and the lowest sodium help to decrease hypertension.

5. Decrease from heart attack and stroke risk.

The highest fibrous, beta carotene and anti oxidance in the eggplant, help to decrease stroke and hypertension risk 6. Contraception tool. And increase libido

Few eggplants have high solasodin, 2 until 3,5 % that effectively for contraception tool and increase libido. You can also look for varieties of eggplant menu on the net.

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