benefits of pineapples: Heal Twice As Fast! A Secret to a Much Longer, Pain Free & Healthier Life

Bromelain is a wonderful natural digestive enzyme from pineapples especially helpful in helping to digest all types of food protein eaten, especially meat. However, bromelain when taken in-between meals is almost a miraculous healer and anti-inflammatory ingredient for swollen, inflamed and painful tissues. When bromelain and other proteolytic (protein) type enzymes and digestive enzymes in general are consumed with meals, the intestinal tract uses these enzymes more as digestive enzymes to help the body better digest food.
When bromelain and other types of proteolytic enzymes such as papain (from papayas), or Nattokinase (from fermented soy) are taken apart from meals and more on an empty stomach then these digestive enzymes, particularly bromelain, are able to circulate more in the blood stream helping to locate and resolve excess inflammation within in the body. When enzymes such as Nattokinase are able to circulate within the body, research is showing that Nattokinase is particularly effective in dissolving clots, fibrinogen and cholesterol and plaque deposits. Research studies have been done on boxers to measure the healing effects of bromelain supplements when boxers suffered cuts, bruises, sprains, muscle and tissue trauma after either sparring or boxing events. Researchers discovered that boxers who took quality bromelain supplements HEALED TWICE AS FAST as compared to boxers who did not take bromelain. Bromelain helps the body to heal faster and lessen swelling and inflammation which helps to lessen pain as well. When body tissues are swollen from inflammation and pain then these swollen cells and tissues exert more pressure on surrounding nerves which can dramatically affect and heightened the agonizing discomfort of pain. Bromelain can be very effective for those with arthritis and who are seeking faster recovery from sport or everyday injuries and or to recover faster from hard daily exercise.
Bromelain has been discovered to be helpful and beneficial for the following:
1. Allergies: helps lessen histamine production. Histamine promotes allergic reactions, (also helpful for asthma and respiratory related illness.) 2. Bromelain is also helpful and preventive for those suffering from sinusitis due in part to its anti-inflammatory effect. 3. Bromelain is a natural blood thinner that an Integrative doctor may often suggest in place of synthetic drug thinners, (along with a healthy diet, moderate exercise and more Omega 3's from fish oil). 4. As an effective anti-inflammatory, pain and for swelling reduction as effective if not more effective than NSAID's and other anti-inflammatory drugs but Bromelain is much safer without the harmful side effects of many anti-inflammatory synthetic drugs. 5. As a natural protein digestive enzyme, when taken with meals. 6. Bromelain when applied topically can help the skin recover from frostbite and promotes healing from burns. 7. Bromelain can also help mitigate post-operative swelling in childbirth and many other trauma related surgeries. 8. Helps support the immune system, has anti-tumor dissolving properties, especially helping to dissolve the often 'hard shell' exterior that many tumors develop that make it difficult for the body's immune system to penetrate and destroy existing cancer cells within the tumor.
When buying a bromelain supplement look for high quality and concentrated effective Bromelain designated in at least 2,000 GDU's (gelatin dissolving units), generally with at least 500 mg of Bromelain per serving. Bromelain for effective healing purpose is often suggested to be taken 3 to 4 times daily in at least 500 mg. dosages. Higher dosages in double the amount for 3 to 5 days may also be recommended. A very small percentage of people who are allergic to pineapple may also be allergic to Bromelain so it is wise to first check with a qualified medical professional before taking Bromelain if you have any health concerns, are on blood thinner(s) or taking medication(s).
Some excellent muscle and joint supplements, heart and circulatory support formulas that contain high quality Bromelain as well as other important antioxidants and nutrients may be found at Doctor Greens website. Look for Doctor Greens Joints & Muscles formula and their Circulatory Support formula and multi-vitamins. Many sports and exercise enthusiasts as well as those suffering from joint and muscle discomfort have reported outstanding natural anti-inflammatory results from the use of these products. Always first read and follow product label instructions before use.
Here’s to your best of health for a longer and healthier life. Start Feeling Better Now. Sincerely, Hal Decker
Hal Decker is Founder and CEO of Doctor Greens an organic and wholesome vitamin, supplement and greens company in Portsmouth, NH. Hal has has lectured to thousands about the importance of proper nutrition and diet to people around the country. Hal will have a book coming out titled "Start Feeling Better Now", due out in the first half of 2009. If you would like to hire Hal Decker for your next speaking engagement, visit []
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