Eliminating Cellulite The 3 Ultimate Steps to a Smoother Sleeker You

If you're a women, the last thing you want is to be consumed by the ever growing fat that is cellulite. Not only does it creation the illusion of you being overweight, but it practically destroys your skin, making it look hideous and grossly unattractive. Is there a way to reverse the spread of cellulite and make your skin look beautiful again? Yes, and it's not by opting for liposuction or other expensive medical treatments, as celebrities would lead you to believe. In truth, eliminating cellulite is as easy as following the 3 simple, yet unbelievably powerful, steps below.

Step One: A Bit Of Exercise Each Day Keeps That Nasty Cellulite Away Although some don't think it, exercising is a GREAT way to get rid of cellulite as well as to prevent it from returning in the future. However, it's important to note that exercising for just one or two weeks isn't going to be enough. The cellulite exercising, if intended to remove cellulite and keep it off for good, has to be done on a regular basis; not daily, mind you, but at least a few times per week.

This is exactly where this step loses people, as they simply won't stand the idea of doing 10-20 minutes of cellulite exercises in the hopes of getting rid of cellulite. In all honesty, it's just pure laziness and lack of motivation, as any and every women out there is capable of doing cellulite exercises.

What do these exercises involve? Basically, any exercise that can increase blood flow, increase circulation, and help to build muscle mass is an effective exercise that will aid you in eliminating cellulite. In case you didn't know, aerobic and cardiovascular exercising (walking, running, jogging, and most other physical activities) can do all 3 of these things at once.

Side Note: If you can't commit at least 10-20 minutes of your day to a couple of basic cellulite exercises -- be it walking, jogging, swimming, running, biking, or using a treadmill -- then natural cellulite removal is just not something your capable of.

Start off doing 10-15 minutes of exercising 3-4 times a week and then gradually increase your pace as time passes. If you can do that, well, cellulite won't be too hard to get rid of.

Step Two: A Well Used Cellulite Wrap Is Most Definitely Not Crap! Many people think cellulite wraps are nothing but a big joke. They believe that they're worthless in terms of eliminating cellulite and have no patience for them whatsoever. To put it bluntly, they're wrong. Cellulite wraps can be incredibly effective when used in combination with step one. The cellulite exercises attack from the inside and the cellulite body wrap attacks from the outside, thereby making it a very effective 1-2 punch against cellulite.

A cellulite wrap is basically when your body, or just a certain part of your body, is lathered with specially formulated anti cellulite cream and then wrapped with cloth or seaweed wrap. The entire process takes about 45 minutes from start to finish and can be extremely relaxing; which, most will agree, is a comfortable switch from vigorous exercising.

As with step 1, results will not be achieved instantaneously when using body wraps. It will take time and patience to see noticeable results in the quality of your skin. But, so long as you stick to the body wraps and the exercising, results are guaranteed to show with time!

Step Three: Stop Feeding Your Cellulite! Some believe eliminating cellulite starts with dieting, others believe that it ends with dieting. What should you believe? Quite simply, you should believe that cellulite dieting works, plain & simple.

Believe it or not, cellulite thrives on the toxins and fats you consume from junk food. Think of celulite as "the blob" -- every time it eats and consumes something, it grows and spreads to other parts of your body. Your cellulites growth or spread might not be visible to the naked eye (yet); but rest assured, it's happening so long as you are introducing toxins and harmful fats into your system.

To starve the blob out, all you need to do is cut down on the amount of junk food you eat/drink and increase the amount of natural, cellulite fighting food you eat/drink.

Foods You Should Add To Your Cellulite Diet...

Fatty fish and fish oils- Contain oils and fats highly beneficial to the body.

Brightly colored vegetables and fruits- Very high in antioxidants which are great for the body.

Water- Natural detoxifier that will help flush out toxins.

Fruit Juice and Vegetable Juice- Helps to rejuvenate the body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Beans, Peas, and Legumes- Strengthens connective tissue just under the skin.

The battle against cellulite can be a tough one, but you'll find that the rewards -- a sleeker, smoother body and drop-dead gorgeous skin -- are well worth the effort. Having said that, don't give up on your goals of eliminating cellulite just because it's harder than you first thought. After all, nothing worth achieving has ever been, nor will ever be, easy.

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