Black Tea Benefits A Reason to Include This Flavorful Beverage Into Your Home

Do you like tea? If you are asked that question, it usually refers to black tea. This is because in the Western world, this is the most popular tea. There are many black tea benefits, whether you add milk to your beverage or not.

Did you know that black tea started out green? Well, that's because when it was shipped from China to England, it often arrived moldy. This was because the leaves were simply plucked and dried (green tea). However, some enterprising person decided to ferment these leaves one day and they turned black. The fermenting process really helped to preserve it and from thereon it was no big deal to ship it to anywhere in the world. So, in England, where most tea was shipped, the English soon enjoyed this fragrant drink and often added milk to round off the taste.

This also means that black tea is fermented whilst green tea is not and Oolong is somewhat in between and this means that when fermented, it usually has a stronger flavor and has more caffeine.

There are various health benefits if you drink black tea and various studies have concluded that it is a very healthy drink.

Here is a list of some of the black tea benefits:

- It is possible that it can slow down cancer growth (Rutgers University) - It can help prevent heart attacks and strokes because of better functioning blood vessels (Boston University School of Medicine) - It can also help prevent tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel as it contains natural fluoride - It is helpful if you have arthritis - It can lower cholesterol and - Help burn excess fat in the body by enhancing metabolism - It is rich in antioxidants which helps feed your body's immune system and thus prevent disease - Cold sores do not like it - When cold, it is also great to put on burns on your skin

Thank goodness it is becoming more and more popular in North America and hopefully we can now appreciate this drink even more because of its benefits.

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