These are What Cause Cold Sores

The good thing with having information is that it sets you apart from fools. You should therefore use it to your advantage. What causes cold sores? It is simply a virus- the herpes simplex virus. This virus may exist in many forms. Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is the cause of fever blisters. Type 2 mainly affects tissues below the waistline- notably the genital area.

The Type 1 form of the virus invades the body when the immune system is low. It then rests in the ganglia in the inactive state until it is reactivated by certain triggering factors. In the initial form of the disease you may have primary herpetic stomatitis. The first symptoms of the disease include fever, headache, irritability and pain on swallowing. One day after these symptoms the gum may turn red. The blisters appear two to three days The blisters burst and a Grey colored ulcer forms. The disease lasts about 10 to 14 days.

Cold Sore Free Forever

Even though the herpes virus is what causes cold sores, there are various triggering factors that cause the reactivation of the virus. Among these includes: low immune system, illness and sunlight. It is therefore important to apply sunscreen before going outside. Stress is another triggering factor. Inadequate sleep and rest can cost you. When the body is not sufficiently rested, it cannot fight infections easily.

The mystery of what causes cold sores still lies ahead. It is advisable to keep finding out more information about the disease. Meanwhile, take some preventive measures to avoid the disease. These include eating a balanced diet and relaxing. Some supplementation of vitamins can help.

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