Top Shortlisted Foods for Cancer Prevention

There is no d oubt the foods people eat affect their overall health and wellness. So you must weigh the consequences of eating foods that are only good tasting but may adversely affect the health and some others foods that will have disease prevention capabilities, even cancer. There are certain foods, when eaten raw or lightly cooked with their nutrients intact, will help prevent various types of cancer. Following is a list of some important foods you must consider to include in your diet:

Green Leafy Vegetables

The fiber, folate, and carotenoids found in green leafy vegetables are the nutrients that can prevent certain types of cancer. Fiber can help in fortifying the body against colorectal cancers, whereas folate and carotenoids work on preventing the onset of cancer in the mouth and the larynx. Since some carotenoids are also anti-oxidants, they can prevent the development and growth of other types of cancer cells, which include breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer.

Berries are full of nutrients that prevent cancer in many parts of the body. Berries contain potent phytochemicals that play important role in inhibiting the development of cancer. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is abundant in most berries, protects the digestive tract from cancer. Another nutrient, the ellagic acid, found in raspberries & blackberries counteracts skin, bladder, lung, and other cancers related to internal organs by providing abundance of anti-oxidant that neutralize of some carcinogens.

Cruciferous vegetables

Broccolis, cauliflowers, cabbages, and other cruciferous vegetables prevent cancers related to the digestive tract, which runs from the mouth to the stomach and the intestines. Cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinalates, crambene and isothiocyanates that are important in regulating nutrients governing the natural enzyme system, protecting the body against digestive tract cancers.


Garlic is one most researched herb by the scientific community for its benefits. Among many benefits, one of the most important one is its cancer prevention ability. Studies show when garlic is consumed regularly by an individual, his or her chances of developing cancer drop significantly. When garlic is eaten raw, it provides several cancer-fighting nutrients, such as allicin, allixin, allyl sulfides, guercetin, etc. These nutrients slow or stop the growth of carcinogenic bodies on the prostate, bladder and the colon. Another ingredient found in garlic, diallyl disulfide, is deemed to prevent skin, colon and lung cancers, as well as leukemia.


Beans and other legumes are also on the shortlist of foods for cancer prevention. They contain saponin, protease inhibitors and phytic acid that protect the cells from weakening, which can lead to cancer. They also prevent the growth, division and reproduction of the cancer-causing cells. Raw ground flax seed is the best source of lignans, which is a group of plant estrogens known as phytoestrogens that have anti-cancer benefits, as well as omega-3 fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid, which prevent the formation of tumors on the breast, lung, colon, and skin.

If you are looking to form a diet with cancer prevention in mind then you must design recipes that include all foods mentioned above. Enjoy it in good health.

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