What Are Cold Sores and How To Treat Cold Sores Quickly

Cold sore is defined as a disease where an individual experiences small and painful blister like appearances on the lips, mouth or the nose. These are fluid-filled sores that occur because of a virus. This is painful and can last for some days. Generally the body has an automatic mechanism that combats such viral infections. But cold sore virus cannot be eradicated from the body only with its defenses. Despite of taking medications, there is always a risk of recurring time and again.

Even though the precise cause is not evident, some of the visible and distressing causes are fever blisters, which can be the flu or regular fever accompanied by cold. The harmful UV or ultraviolet radiation caused because of exposure to the sun causes cold sore. Stress and sudden alterations in your immune system may also cause it. Since it occurs around the facial area, trauma to the skin is often blamed. Often, hormonal changes like menstruation or thyroid also lead to the same.

It has been seen that cold sores go away or heal on their own after some days. But in case of extreme pain, it is suggested to get treatment. You can use medicated skin creams or ointments. The doctor may suggest some anti-biotic pills to improve the immunity function of the body.

Below are few natural remedies:

There are natural remedies available to get rid of cold sores fast. Application of ice over the blistered area, few times a day, helps to curb the pain and provide relief. You can also try applying a tea bag over the blister. This should be done every hour, using a warm tea bag. Other remedies include-

It has been proven that application of Witch Hazel on sores and blisters provides instant relief from inflammation and pain. You can also dip a moist finger in common salt and press it lightly on the blister. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Rub Aloe Vera or its oil on the blister. Lemon based balms help reduce symptoms and also enhance the process of healing.

To prevent the recurrence of cold sores avoid being in touch with fluids from the infected person like sharing a drink or kissing them. Don't eat from their utensils either. It is suggested to avoid going out too much in the sun as it can cause further discomfort.

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