What Are the Health Benefits of Black Tea

When most people think of the connection between tea and health benefits, their minds usually go green. We have heard so much talk and information about green tea's health benefits that it's only natural to think of it first. The richer, fuller flavored black variety is left on the sidelines as everyone sounds off about all things green. And while green tea does have some amazing health properties, one shouldn't dismiss its' black cousin so quickly. So, what are the health benefits of black tea?

As mentioned above, when the talk comes around to health, green tea gets all the attention. There has been much more research done on green tea, but you have to keep in mind that both black and green tea originate from the same plant, which means their health giving properties are very similar. It is true that green tea goes through less processing than black, which means it has a higher antioxidant level, but both have basically the same benefit in terms of health.

There is an antioxidant compound in black tea called TF-2 that has been shown to help with a wide array of health concerns including helping in cancer prevention and inflammation in the body. A ten year study in the Netherlands showed that men who drank three cups per day actually decreased their chance of dying from heart disease by a whopping 50%

So, sipping that bold black tea can yield a lot more benefit than you thought. It's a lot more than just flavor. Just remember, that as with most teas, you will derive the greatest benefit in all areas by drinking it in loose leaf form rather than bags. Don't get me wrong, there are some good bagged teas out there, but for antioxidant level and definitely flavor, loose leaf is the way to go.

And don't forget that when you are looking for black tea, it falls under some of the most recognizable names in the world of tea....Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey and English Breakfast are all black teas most of us have tried at one time or another.

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