What Causes Cancer

Whether you have cancer and would like to treat it, or want to avoid developing it, this article will explain exactly what causes the devastating illness.

The harsh truth about cancer is that as many as 90% of all cases are caused by environmental changes that humans have made and created, ranging from what we eat to what we drink and what we breathe.

This is hardly surprising when we consider the state of the planet because of the changes we have made - if we are concerned about global warming, we can't expect that there will be no similar effect to ourselves.

Our diets are going downhill year by year, and we have addictions to cigarettes, illegal drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and more.

All of these things can act as either carcinogens - which are capable of causing cancer; or cancer promoters - which accelerate the growth of tumours.

The chemicals and pollutions that are present throughout the planet are not easily avoidable, but there are some changes you can make that will help treat or avoid the illness.

Just by switching to a healthy, balanced optimum diet you can reduce your risk of cancer by over 40%. In fact, the European Commission estimates that a quarter of a million lives could be saved every single year through dietary changes alone!

Furthermore, at least 85% of cancers are associated with factors including diet but also smoking and alcohol.

Other risk factors include:

free radical damage medical drugs industrial products food additives radiation UV light stress pollution sexual activity

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