What is Cancer Conditions and Symptoms

Cancer can be defined as a state whereby the human cell goes trophoblastic. This is a process whereby the human cell tends to multiply uncontrollably. The affected part of the body has its cells grow, divide and multiply uncontrollably thereby forming a lump. Cancer affects the blood and organs that form blood thereby finding its way to the blood streams. It invades the nearby tissues and keeps spreading to all the parts of the body.

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases ever known to the human

race. Cancer is known to be a progressive disease. It is a disease that affects the human body cells and metabolism. Even though cancer of some parts of the body like the breast and lungs is very common, cancer can affect the eye or hair and most people don't even know this.

Human body is made up of microscopic living units which form all living organs in the body. The cells in the body organs usually grow and divide, especially during a healing process after the body is subjected to an injury. In the case of cancer, there is an abnormal growth where cells grows and divide at an alarming rate, spreading to other parts of the body. This continuous growth and division of the cells forms what is known as tumor. The growth can be malignant or benign. Malignant growth is the cancerous growth which can spread to other parts of the body while the benign tumor are not life threatening and can be removed.

There are a lot of symptoms of cancer depending on the kind. The most common ones are drastic loss of weight, tiredness and fatigue, pains and numbs in the affected part and constant infections.

Surgery is the major treatment used to remove the cancer tumor. However, the affected part may be removed in some cases depending on the stage of the cancer. After the treatment, a therapy to avoid the re- occurrence of the tumor follows. Therapy kills the remaining cancer cells left in the affected part after surgery. Therapy may be chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy.

Cancer can be avoided with constant exercise, good diet, proper weight watching, and avoiding smoking and drinking. Early detection of cancer is very important for quick treatment before it gets to the critical stage when radical treatment will be needed.

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