Will Google+ Become The Ultimate Web Marketing Tool

Recently, Google+ further opened up its platform to now accept "Brand" or "Company" based accounts or profiles. This means that business and site owners can now promote and brand their companies within Google+. This might seem like a small change, but one only has to look at the tremendous success of Facebook's Fan pages, to see why this move is very important for companies and site owners.

While Google Plus doesn't have anywhere near the numbers Facebook has, it does hold one major trump card in its hand, that being the Google brand itself. Not only does Google bring its well respected reputation to the table, but you can't dismiss all those countless free programs and services which Google now offers to an ever admiring audience. Associating your own business or company with a brand like Google does score you some brownie points, not to mention the whole issue of trust. On the web, building instant trust with your potential customers is vital for your overall success and building a large community via Google+ will definitely help in this regard.

Besides its stellar reputation, Google brings much more to the table than Facebook, especially when it comes to marketing on the Internet. As you have probably already noticed, Google does run a little search engine that controls much of the world's lucrative search traffic. And you can bet your last dollar, Google will be keeping tract of the number of followers a Google+ brand receives and how vibrant that community becomes when voting or clicking those +1 buttons for your content. All of this will no doubt have a significant effect on your SEO and rankings within Google.

Google+ also presents an attractive and inexpensive way to build buzz and momentum towards any product or company. Especially when it comes to SEO and getting your brand out there on the web and in front of the marketplace. However, it is the SEO aspect of Google+ that could make it a very useful marketing tool, especially for those businesses just starting out and/or have small marketing budgets. Google+ can help build your brand's visibility both in the SERPs and in the real world.

In addition, any marketer will also have to consider the advantage of buying ads on Google+ which can be displayed all over the web. These social ads have already been very successful for Twitter and Facebook, but just imagine the extra marketing power Google can bring to these types of ads. One only has to look at Google's AdWords program to realize this could be another major advertising venue for Google and another way for companies to fully expand their advertising dollars.

One of the main reason AdWords has become so effective - it closely targets your marketing to exactly match what the buyer is looking for at the exact time they're ready to buy. Now with Google+ any business has the potential of reaching a very specific targeted group of potential clients right at your fingertips via the circles and hangouts features in the Google+ social network. It is this targeted marketing that could possibly make Google+ the ultimate web marketing tool. Only time will tell how effective Google+ becomes, but all signs are pointing in the right direction.

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