5 Easy Braided Hair Styles For Black Hair Crisscross Fun!

Crisscross Fun! 5 easy braided hair styles that can give the best variety of looks, while providing maintenance-free, care-free options.
Unlike men who only have a few 'mane' options when it comes to styling their hair, women are lucky in the sense that they get to have all the fun in the world choosing the style that suits them best. You can even style your hair according to your moods. Matching your hair style with the occasion, with your outfit or with whatever hair style you feel like wearing are all part of the fun of being a woman.
Why It Pays to Go for Braided Hair Styles
Now, one of the most classic designs that you can wear without having to go to the salon to get your locks cut by a stylist is wearing braids. Since time immemorial, braids have been worn by women of all ages.
However, just because braids are considered to be a classic, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get a fun and exciting style out of them. The good thing about the "crisscross" look is that they can add sophistication, make you look younger or give you an instant makeover, depending on the style that you will be going for.
Look Lusciously Crisscrossed in these 5 Easy Styles!
So what are the best braided hair styles that you should go for? Take a look at these five fun and great-looking crisscrossed styles that you can use to update your look, no matter what your mood, outfit or what the occasion is!
As a headband - If you're going for a day about town, one of the most casual hair styles that you can go for is wearing your braids as a headband. Depending on the color of your hair, you can add actual matching headbands - which are so fashionable these days - or you can wear the braids sans the hair accessory. All you need to do is have a stylist or even a close girl friend create big braids on the front of your hair - leaving the back of the head loose. This is a great style for women whose hair length reaches well past their shoulders.
Braided Chignons - If you are attending a more formal occasion, you can add a sophisticated yet fun twist to the classic chignon. For this style, the hair will be parted mid-way, the front part of the hair will be braided and both ends will meet at the back of the head to end up with a chignon. It's easy, classic, fun and sexy.
The classic loose braid for long hair - Don't have the time to style your hair in a complicated twist? The easy solution would be to style your long hair in a loose braid.
Micro braids for natural black hair - If you have natural black hair, you can wear them in micro braids which are woven intricately using just a few strands of hair.
Updo braids - For this, you can use a combination of loose and micro braids to your hair. Then, place them all into a traditional updo to add depth and texture to your hair style.
No matter which of these braided hair styles you end up choosing, what's important is that you feel great wearing them - so have fun choosing one that will suit your look the best! Remember, for black hair, maintaining moisture is difficult to do. Make sure you use black hair products - shampoos with either Emu Oil, Shea Butter or Jojoba Oil. Another ingredient/product we recommend is Argan Oil. It cuts drying time and hydrates at the same time.

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