Hemorrhoid Cures Exposed Creams, Surgery Or Natural Treatment

With roughly 4% of the American population suffering from hemorrhoids, it is a relatively common condition. Luckily, a range of different hemorrhoid cures are available, which one is right for you largely depends on the severity of your hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid cures include using creams and ointments, changes of diet, natural cures and remedies, and surgery.
Surgery is a very painful option that often requires up to 4 weeks of bed rest. Fortunately, in almost all cases of hemorrhoids, surgery can be avoided. It is usually only required for extreme cases of hemorrhoids and should be used as a last resort.
Nowadays a vast number of creams, ointments and lotions exist for curing hemorrhoids. These can be found in most pharmacies and a medical prescription is generally not required. Some patients get good results with these creams but these results are usually short lived as the creams work to reduce swelling and don't actually cure the patient of hemorrhoids entirely. Some patients complain of increased itching or burning sensations after applying the cream, others mention that they are not always convenient to apply given that they usually need to be applied to the affected area several times daily. As a hemorrhoid cure, creams, ointments, lotions and gels usually only provide temporary pain relief and are not the most effective form of hemorrhoid cure. They can work quite well alongside other natural cures however.
Changes made to your diet can aid in curing hemorrhoids. It's unrealistic to expect changes to your diet to cure hemorrhoids totally without other action, however, diet does play a very important role in curing hemorrhoids. Fiber helps to soften stools which allow them to pass through the anal canal with less aggravation and straining - so foods such as fruits and vegetables are great when you suffer hemorrhoids. Vitamins help to strengthen, protect, and repair skin which can not only help to cure hemorrhoids but also to prevent them. Experts agree that Vitamins A, B and C are most important for hemorrhoid sufferers.
Natural hemorrhoid cures are a good option as they are easy and convenient to use, and along with beginning to cure hemorrhoids they also offer very effective pain relief. Natural hemorrhoid cures focus on the root cause of hemorrhoids and work to eliminate underlying causes as opposed to eliminating the symptoms which is what many of the creams and ointments do. By focusing on the real cause of hemorrhoids, the hemorrhoid cure is more likely to be long lasting rather than temporary. Because natural cures work on the real underlying effect of hemorrhoids, patients tend to notice results much more quickly than with other methods.
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