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As an ex sufferer of hemorrhoids I once found myself in a situation where I felt that everything I tried failed. Nothing worked for me for a long time and I was left feeling demoralized and doomed. I was at a point where I was willing to do anything to get rid of my hemorrhoids once and for all. Looking back on those times I have the virtue of hindsight. I suffered a lot and learned a lot. In this article I will tell you a little more about some of the things I tried and give you some pointers as to which type of hemorrhoid cures are best for you.

One of the main problems I found with a few major hemorrhoid cures solutions was that they came with nasty side effects. One example of this is when using creams to cure hemorrhoids. My personal experience with creams was not great - that's not to say that there are good hemorrhoid creams available - but just that the creams I tried didn't live up to their promises. Most hemorrhoid creams work by reducing swelling of the hemorrhoid. One of the major benefits of reducing the swelling is to reduce pain and discomfort. This worked well for me but it came at a cost of increased irritation and burning. After a few days using the cream I was forced to stop because the burning became more painful than what I was suffering before I started using the cream. If you are going to use a cream - I recommend you look at it as a temporary solution and make sure you get a good list of testimonials. Creams can also be used well in conjunction with other curing techniques.

Hemorrhoid surgery is usually reserved for only severe cases of hemorrhoids. This is for 2 main reasons. It is very costly (usually upwards of US$1200), and it can be very painful. Luckily I never needed hemorrhoid surgery although I did come very close to having it and I do know numerous people who have had hemorrhoid surgery. A friend of mine called Jared had a hemorrhoidectomy after battling hemorrhoids for more than 18 months. He was practically bed ridden for over 4 weeks following the operation and struggle with extreme pain. Hemorrhoidectomys are not for the faint hearted. Be prepared for extreme pain and expect to remain in the house for at least 3 weeks after the operation. While hemorrhoidectomys do cure hemorrhoids, it is possible that hemorrhoids will return at some time in the future. Hemorrhoid surgery should only be used as a last resort after all other methods have been tried.

I eventually cured hemorrhoids naturally without the need for surgery or using creams. One of the things I love about natural cures for hemorrhoids is that they work to fight the underlying cause of hemorrhoids rather than focusing on curing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. This actually works faster to treat the hemorrhoids and in some cases results can be seen in as little as just 48 hours. As far as cost goes, natural hemorrhoid cures are by far the cheapest option. I have recommended natural cures to hundreds of friends and acquaintances and have seen fantastic results for almost everyone that tried them.

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Heather-Jane Hunter is an ex sufferer of hemorrhoids and is now dedicated to helping sufferers of hemorrhoids overcome this nasty illness.

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