White noise tinnitus maskers are electronic devices that produce 'white noise' at levels that can 'mask' the sounds of tinnitus in your head. White noise tinnitus maskers cannot cure your tinnitus, but they can help by providing relaxing sounds

How Do White Noise Tinnitus Maskers Work?

Imagine you are in a darkened room. Now switch a torch on and off repeatedly: you will see this clearly. Now switch the room's light on and now switch your torch on and off. You cannot see the torchlight nearly so well because the overall room light helps to 'mask' it.

Now imagine that the torch is your tinnitus and the room's light is the white noise masker. Without the masker being on you are always aware of the sounds of tinnitus. Switch the masker on and, as with the room light being on, you will be less aware of your tinnitus, i.e. the white noise masks your tinnitus.

White Noise Tinnitus Maskers and Stress Relief

Tinnitus maskers can produce sounds like waterfalls, flowing rivers, sea surf, and rainfall etc., which can help to relax you and relieve stress, as well as masking the sounds of your tinnitus.

And relaxation and stress relief are very important in trying to reduce tinnitus because one of the underlying causes of tinnitus is stress. And stress relief is doubly important because it can put you into a vicious stress - tinnitus cycle, e.g. stress causes tinnitus, tinnitus causes you more stress, more stress leads to worse tinnitus, and so on. So stress and anxiety relief is an important part of treating your tinnitus.

Causes of Tinnitus

Of course stress is only one of the underlying causes of tinnitus. There are many other causes such as inner ear damage / infection, meniere's disease, general health problems (e.g. high blood pressure), noise-damaged hearing, and head and neck trauma. You see, tinnitus itself is not a disease or a condition, tinnitus is actually a symptom of some underlying condition or problem. So it is the underlying condition that needs to be treated, not the tinnitus symptoms.

Tinnitus Treatment

Most sufferers who attend their doctor end up on drug-based medications or using technical solutions such as white noise maskers and hearing aids. Sometimes they will be given counselling etc. But these treatments really only address the symptoms of tinnitus and help you to manage your tinnitus, not cure it. That's why more and more tinnitus victims have been turning to totally natural remedies for tinnitus.

Natural Remedies for Tinnitus

These are based on addressing the underlying causes of their tinnitus through diet, health improvement, lifestyle changes, etc. and all without the need for expensive drugs and their many side effects.

There are very many effective natural home remedies for tinnitus out there that folks are using successfully. You just have to do your research and, through trial and error, find the remedy or combination of remedies that will work for you. You can then do away with white noise tinnitus maskers and all the other remedies that just 'mask' your problem.

Proven Home-Based Remedy for Tinnitus

Alternatively, you could try out a proven home-based remedy with a much better success rate (80%) than normal medical treatments. This treatment regime uses a number of proven techniques that you go through at home, or, in your place of work. And it only takes a few minutes each day. All of the techniques have been proven during 2 years of research, testing and development, and, are being used by very many people around the world as we speak.

If you feel you can put-up with your tinnitus as it is just now, then your tinnitus probably isn't so bad that you need to do anything else. Continue with whatever your doctor recommends.

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