Amazing Secrets of the Echinacea and Golden Seal Herbal Combination

Echinacea and Golden Seal have long been a favorite among herbalists and those who adhere to herbal remedies to help their bodies retain better health. There are many different herbal remedies for various ailments as well as combination approaches that have proven to be beneficial to a lot of people. Some people have found that some herbs can actually replace the use of traditional medicines for some health issues.

Granted it's not wise to assume that an herb can cure heart disease or some form of serious health deterioration. However, many herbs can be used for either preventions or cures for some health issues. And why not, since many of today's traditional medicines are derivatives of some natural herbs and plants. It stands to reason not only scientifically, but logically that certain herbs taken in modest and proper amounts can be beneficial to many people.

Such is the case with two of the most notable herbs favored by many people worldwide. These two herbs can be used either as stand alone herbs for various health concerns or can be used as complimentary agents that can deliver a one-two punch for certain specific health issues. As with some herbs, these two herbal remedies should be used sensibly and not overused. More is not always better in the case of traditional medicines nor herbs, so be sure to monitor your use.

Too much Echinacea can result in diarrhea and nausea. An overdose of Golden Seal can be much more serious and can include stomach cramps, sensitivity to sunlight, vomiting and anxiety. If taken alone at a higher dosage, Golden Seal should not be taken for more than two weeks.

While each herb has its own specific benefits and as well as particular possible side effects, there is a particular benefit in taking the two together in combination for health issues such as allergy symptoms, sinusitis, chronic colds or upper respiratory problems. Each compliments the other with providing an immune boost as well as natural antibiotic properties that help to fight infections. The recommended dosage for this herbal combination is to take 250 mgs. of Echinacea and 250 mgs. of Golden Seal twice a day for 30 days. This milligram recommendation lowers the problems with taking too much Golden Seal and provides a continuous, slow ingestion of both herbs that is beneficial as well as safe.

Of course, if you find that you are developing some of the particular symptoms associated with either of these herbs, you should stop taking both or drop to a lower dosage. In fact, if you've never taken either herb, you may want to begin taking 250 mgs. of each only once a day for a week, then if all goes well, increase to the evening dose for the remainder of the 30 days.

If you are attempting to lessen seasonal allergy symptoms, you should begin taking this herbal combination two weeks before you generally start your symptoms. This will provide a boost to your immune system as well as offer protection as you move into the season. Don't take this combination for more than 30 days. You can safely take this helpful formula 2 or 3 times a year to help provide an additional boost to your health when you think you may need it.

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