Noni Side Effects Are They For Real

Noni juice is prepared from the noni fruits that are found in Hawaii and Polynesia islands. Why has suddenly this juice become so popular? This juice is being used for detoxifying the body, enhancing the immune system and boosting your energy. Traditionally, the noni fruit and the leaves of the tree have been used in the ancient drugs to treat the skin problems and joint pains etc. This fruit was also utilized as a dye in Polynesia. Noni products are utilized today to treat diseases related to the heart, diabetes, cancer and for maintaining good health of a person. A lot of the noni side effects are found to be related with the detoxification process.

There have been a lot of studies on the benefits of noni products. Even then the critics maintain that there are serious noni side effects. And the benefits of noni juice have still not been examined by the FDA.

The critics have been claiming that there are a lot of ingredients in the noni that can have severe side effects on people. One such side effect that the critics assert is diabetes. Noni fruit is very high in sugar and that is the chemical composition of the fruit. Thus the diabetics have to watch their noni intake very carefully. If a person does not follow the dietary regulations set by the doctor and drink noni cocktails without following proper advice, then they might fall prey to diabetes. Therefore, the fruit is not just a problem for the diabetic patients but the normal consumer must also be vigilant enough. It is also advised that a diabetic must talk to the doctor about drinking noni products. Doing this will help the patient avoid the serious interactions of the ingredients of the fruit with your body.

Constipation can be another trouble that might knock on your door, if you consume noni juice in excess. A remedy can easily be provided if you suffer from this side effect. You would just have to lessen the intake of the juice. This will clear your constipation but if the problem continues then visiting a doctor is recommended.

Laxative effects can also be caused by noni, and this will increase the danger of diarrhea. A decrease in the intake of noni juice is recommended to get rid of the trouble. When you use noni for detoxification, the common noni side effects that you can experience are: acne, bad breath, foul-smelling urine, headaches, rashes, joint pain and fatigue. All these will disappear within a week after the detoxification process is over. You can also experience gastrointestinal troubles when you drink noni. You must increase the water intake of your body or add a dash of lime juice to your noni drink.

You might experience coughing or wheezing when you drink pure noni. And in the worst case the juice might also affect your liver. It is recommended that before beginning to take noni you must visit your doctor and understand if it is good for you and in what quantities you should consume noni producs.

As you can see, there are many documented noni juice benefits to be experienced by the consumer. To learn more about this exceptional health tonic, and other herbal supplements... simply click on the links provided!


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