The Right Way to Find Pure Noni Juice Products

The term pure noni juice refers to pure, unadulterated noni juice that is not blended or mixed with other fruit juices. In addition it should be free from preservatives, added sugars and flavors (both natural and artificial).

For some people, pure noni juice also means that it is unpasteurized however most noni juice products on the market for safety reasons do go through the pasteurization process. More often than not, pure noni juice is made from organically grown noni that has been allowed to age and ferment naturally for a period of 3 to 6 months. This makes for a more concentrated juice packed full of all the beneficial vitamins and nutrients that the noni fruit contains.

However there can be significant differences in the overall quality of pure noni juice products. One of the main reasons for this is that much depends on the ripeness of the fruit when it was picked. Noni that is harvested prematurely will not ferment adequately and it's nutrient levels will be lower than noni picked when it is fully mature.

It's important to know this since some manufacturers may harvest the fruit too early resulting in a sub-standard product. Remember the aging process for noni can be as long as 3 to 6 months and basically the longer it is allowed to ferment the more concentrated the final product will be.

Another factor to consider is that while many companies market their products as being pure noni juice, for instance as stated on the label, it is not in fact always pure. The product might just contain the pulp or an extract which is then mixed with other juices to give it the appearance of being pure noni juice. There are even products available with only minute amounts of actual noni juice and which nevertheless are marketed as being pure.

So in order to be certain that you are buying the purest product available be sure to read the label very carefully. Check to see whether it contains only noni juice and as such is not blended with other fruit juices.

Also, another indication of quality is to check and see where the juice you are purchasing originated. The best places are the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Molokai, Kauai and Oahu as well as the Marquesas Islands and also Tahiti. This is because the best quality noni grows in the silica rich volcanic soils which abound in these locations. For health and safety reasons too, you want to make sure that the pure noni juice you buy has been pasteurized.

Now the FDA is not particularly diligent when it comes to evaluating whether products claiming to be pure are indeed pure. So you will always need to check this for yourself. Another option if you have the time and energy would be to purchase some noni fruit and allow it to ferment at home. This will certainly ensure that you are getting a pure product. All you have to do is place the noni in a bowl. The pressure within the fruit as it ferments will cause the juice to seep which you then collect. You might want to check though where the noni fruit you are buying was grown.

In conclusion, it's important to do your homework to ensure that the product you buy is indeed pure and not watered down with only a small or inconsequential amount of noni. Always read the label carefully and once you know it's pure then go ahead and enjoy all the wonderful health benefits that pure noni juice can offer!

Nathan Marks is a writer on nutrition related topics as well as natural medicine. After traveling to the Pacific and visiting traditional healers there Nathan has also become an advocate of the benefits of noni. To experience the health benefits of pure noni juice first hand please come and visit Nathan's site While you are there be sure to sign up to the newsletter to receive regular information, offers and updates.

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