Why Drink Noni Juice

Scientists have shown that noni juice may help support the immune system and help cells more readily absorb nutrients. Scopoletin is one of many natural components of noni. It is a little known, but hard-working chemical that has been found to have beneficial effects.

100% Pure Noni Juice vs. Reconstituted and Flavored Noni Juices

Many noni juice products being sold today often bear a deceptive label stating, "100% pure noni juice", but the statement is confusing as it implies to the buyer that the juice in the bottle is 100% noni juice. Many companies, however, are actually selling diluted and/or mixed noni juices.

Natural Styles' noni is 100% pure fresh-squeezed noni juice, with no additives, no preservatives, nor flavors. The shelf life of our bottled pure noni juice drink is 2 years. Our 100% pure noni juice is fresh-squeezed, using traditional methods to ensure the highest quantity of active polysaccharide compounds and brix count for greater effectiveness. Unlike like other manufacturers, Natural Styles doe not allow the juice to ferment for months, which can cause the fruit to rot. The darker the juice color and very soy sauce taste usually indicates that it has undergone excessive fermentation. There is no evidence that such fermentation is in any way beneficial (why would added alcohol be more beneficial?).

Natural Styles' Noni is guaranteed 100% pure noni juice, not one drop of water or any other adulterating substance is added to it. Each batch of our noni juice is pasteurized and bottled in a highly controlled, USDA approved facility and is also Kosher certified for your protection. Natural Styles' Noni Juice potency is guaranteed and goes through several tests before, during and after processing.

If you chose to drink pure noni juice and avoid the flavored and high-priced noni juices sold by some multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, you will enjoy the benefits of pure noni at a reduced cost. Most MLM companies reconstitute their noni with water and flavors in order to pay commissions to their distributors. Most MLM companies inflate the price of their products as much as 700% of the true cost of the pure juice. Some MLM noni juices are very expensive and include high shipping costs as well.

Check the label of a noni product carefully for its ingredients; make sure that you are paying for pure noni juice, not for a diluted product. Also make sure that your noni juice is pasteurized.

Morinda Citrifolia, the Scientific Name of Noni

Noni juice is prepared from the fruit of Morinda citrifolia, a Polynesian plant with centuries of use by native peoples as a natural health tonic and beneficial skin care aid. Pure morinda citrifolia juice should be reddish brown in color and the finished product should contain little or no noni pulp.

Noni, a Superior

Pure Noni Juice is a superior antioxidant that has been found to help the body eliminate harmful free radicals in the body's circulatory system, tissues, and cells, and as a result, noni use may increase energy levels.

How much should one drink per day?

Drinking 1 oz of noni juice on an empty stomach is our suggested method to assure maximum benefits. Taking noni juice on an empty stomach is believed to aid in cellular repair. Some noni users drink a glass of water before and after drinking noni juice to help the body absorb the juice and flush toxins from their bodies. (This is a new statement to me--any way to confirm the benefits?)

Keep in mind that pure noni juice has strong pungent taste and odor. The strong taste can easily be improved by the addition of grape or cranberry juice or your chosen fruit juice as a mixer or chaser. Many people prefer to drink it with no added juices and soon become used to its natural taste.

Noni Sources and Quality

Natural Styles has unlimited supplies of the finest, purest noni juice available from Tahiti, Hawaii and Samoa.

Noni Distribution

With 10 years, over 2 billion dollars worth of noni juice has been sold globally. It was virtually unknown in North America before it became a nutraceutical phenomena in 1994. Small quantities of noni had been sold in pharmacies in Tahiti and Hawaii before 1993. The 1994 nutritional supplement act in 1994 opened the doors for novel natural food products in the US.

Natural Styles supplies noni juice that has been certified by the government of the European Union for distribution by brokers, wholesalers, investors, retail outlets, doctors, salesmen, buyers, importers, exporters, dealers and end users.

Noni Studies

Researchers at the University of Hawaii have induced cancer tumors to grow in experimental mice and then injected specially prepared noni juice into their abdomens. Preliminary results of these studies have reported real benefits and the studies are progressing.

A National Institute of Health is currently funding Phase II of a clinical study that is being conducted by Dr. Brian Issell at the University of Hawaii to see if noni can be used as a possible treatment for cancer. The NIH also funded an earlier clinical study done at the University of Hawaii in the late 1950's. Based on a toxicological assessment done, noni juice is considered generally regarded as safe (GRAS).

Other non-medical studies and surveys have found that 78% of the more than 8,000 noni juice users reported that it helped them in some way, aiding weakened immune systems and circulatory systems.

The Future of Noni

There are many by-products of the noni plant such as: noni juice, noni fruit capsules, noni leaf capsules, to name a few. There are many possibilities for the plant yet to be discovered.

Natural Styles uses only noni plants of the highest quality grown by farmers hand-harvesting organic noni in the South Pacific to provide the highest quality pure Noni Juice at the lowest possible price.


The FDA forbids manufacturers of food supplement products like noni juice, from making specific health claims even if it is a food and not a drug.

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