Yellow Dock, the Bitter Antifungal

A message just came from a friend of mine, telling that she just bought some Yellow Dock for its alleged powers as a liver detoxifier and skin cleaner. But she bought it because she across this while browsing the net: The root of this plant acts as a cholagogue, an antifungal, an alterative, and in large amounts, a purgative.

Yellow dock has the power to detoxify the system and purify the blood. It will be of value as a remedy for chronic skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. This herb is also useful for liver problems, enlarged lymph glands, and rheumatism. As antifungal, it can be used as an external remedy for ringworm, candida, and other fungal infections. To make the decoction or tea, place 2 teaspoons full of the root in a covered pan and add a cup of water. Boil for 15 minutes, and take thrice daily.

She is also taking dandelion root supplements and she makes salads with dandelion leaves. Sometimes she really thinks that they are super bitter. She needs all the absorption she can get at this point. The last time she was seriously ill, she got really skinny and felt so dangerous. She doesn't have the tonic, just the chunky pieces to make tea with. She bet the tonic was way bitterer than what she has. She feels good taking it so far, and doesn't really mind the bitterness so far. I think I will act like her, too. For when I know it is helping me, the bitterness tastes good in a way.

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