For the Best Pumpkin Seed Oil Try Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil Capules

Styrian Seed

The Styrian pumpkin is a variant of the usual pumpkin. It is Cucurbita pepo.var.styriaca and grew at one time only in Austria and Slovenia. Now this variety of pumpkin is also grown in Croatia, Hungary, Australia, Canada and the USA.

It first came to attention in the 18th century, although it had been grown for about fifty years before this (at least). It is not an edible pumpkin as are the other more common varieties, but was grown by farmers purely for its seeds. The fleshy part of the pumpkin was used as fertilizer. The Syrian farmers realized that this pumpkin was useful to treat internal parasites, prostate troubles and the problems with the bladder that these entail.

Its seeds are different to other pumpkins in that they do not have a hard outer casing. The seeds don't have a non-fibrous skin and the oil extracted from them is rich in zinc, selenium, potassium and Vitamins E, B1 (thiamin), B2 (niacin), B6, C, and D. The oil contains linoleic acid which lowers cholesterol levels and possibly helps in cancer prevention. It also contains all the ingredients of other pumpkin oils, but the Styrian pumpkin seed oil is considered to be the best for our health.

In 1773, the Austrian Empress, Marie Theresa issued a decree that the Styrian pumpkin should not be used as a food, but should be used solely in the treatment of ailments. She classified it as a medicine rather than a foodstuff.

Prior to World War 1 the Styrian pumpkin was grown by farmers for their own uses and for the medical world. After the Great War, the pumpkin gained a reputation as being good for the male health and was grown in places other than its natural homeland in south eastern Austria, which is also the wine-producing area of that country.

The Austrians would have you believe that their Styrian pumpkin oil is superior to others that sell under that name, and certainly they have been growing the pumpkin for a lot longer than others, so they might have a point. It is supposed to be the best pumpkin seed oil on the market, whichever country it comes from, so if you want to be sure that you are getting the maximum health benefits for your money, you should invest in the Styrian pumpkin seed oil capsules.Better still try and find some of the culinary oil to use on your salads. If you found this article interesting, visit this site and read more about food and its health benefits.

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