The Wonderful Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds!

As a child my mother and I had a tradition during the months of autumn: pumpkin carving! We would open them and scoop out their insides, being careful to save every seed. She would then lightly salt them, roast them in the oven and talk about how much healthier they were for me then all the candy I would soon be eating and the many benefits of pumpkin seeds. I never really considered them as more than a tasty snack, but there are plenty of benefits of pumpkin seeds, both roasted and raw.
Just one ounce of pumpkin seeds contain 333mg of phosphorous, which is a critical mineral to our bone formation and cell repair. Calcium isn't the only thing needed for strong bones. We also have to have phosphorus and too many calcium supplements can block the absorption of this vital mineral in our bodies. One of the benefits of pumpkin seeds is to balance out the overabundance of calcium so our body can function better.
Tired? The other benefit of the phosphorus is that it helps get rid of fatigue and weakness, helping us maintain proper brain functions. Phosphorous is the second most abundant mineral in our bodies and these seeds include a generous helping of this mineral.
Wondering what else pumpkin seeds can offer for nutrition? The 223mg of the electrolyte potassium found in them helps lower blood pressure, promotes quicker healing, helps with migraines and is a natural pain desensitizer. In researching pumpkin seed nutrition, I came across a mineral I had never heard of before: Manganese. This trace mineral is found in minute amounts in our pancreas, kidney, liver and bones. It helps regulate blood sugar and is crucial for nerve and brain function. A component of the antioxidant SOD, this mineral helps to fight free radicals. The damage to our DNA and cell membranes caused by free radicals can be prevented and even reduced by antioxidants. Having low levels of Manganese in our bodies can cause seizures, affect our fertility and contribute to fatigue. Manganese should only be taken as a supplement under the care of a medical professional but in this case, we can indulge ourselves with pumpkin seeds and reap the same benefits.
Manganese, phosphorous and calcium work with one another in our bodies and the big benefits of pumpkin seeds is that they contain all of these. More nutritional benefits are numerous vitamins including Vitamin C, B1 and Niacin and folate, the natural form of folic acid whichis needed by our bodies to produce red blood cells, help support brain function and is an integral component of our spinal fluid.
Roasted pumpkin seeds are extremely easy to make and can be made plain or with either butter or olive oil. They can be eaten in numerous ways, including raw or added to your favourite recipes for a new interesting twist. One innovative way to get the benefits of pumpkin seeds is to grind roasted seeds in the coffee grinder and add it to your favourite cereals, on white rice or even vegetables.

The benefits of these seeds are enormous and they are not limited to seasonal availability either. You can find them at your local market or even online from specialty sites. So go out and grow your own or pick some up and indulge in the multiple nutritional health benefits of pumpkin seeds!
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