5 Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is the healthiest cooking oil you can use. There are many benefits, but five in particular stand out.

1. Olive oil is antioxidant rich; it contains many substances that are good for the heart and the immune system and can improve your blood pressure. Antioxidants are important for your health and olive oil is one of the best sources of it.

2. Olive oil is one of the few cooking oils which actually lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) by increasing your levels of good cholesterol (HDL). It benefits your heart with a double whammy then; it brings in good cholesterol and anti-oxidants. This in turn cuts the chances of coronary problems by nearly 50%; and this claim is backed by the FDA due to all of its benefits.

3. Benefits your stomach as well; it is gentle on your digestive system and it helps relieve ulcers.

4. Helps your blood pressure stay low by allowing the vessels to relax and dilate, thus lowering blood pressure.

5. It is also very good for people with Type 2 diabetes to consume because it lowers blood sugar levels and decreases insulin requirements so that diabetics can rely less on their medication.

Olive oil benefits your body in so many ways that many doctors recommend using two millimeters in all of your cooking which would require cooking oil. Even if you just rely solely on it for healthy benefits, you can still greatly improve your health.

If at all possible, go for the Extra Virgin variety as this is the oil that is least processed and thus has the most benefits. However, any variation has benefits for your health, so it's well worth purchasing.

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