Herbal Remedies for Genital Warts

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A lot of herbal plants are used and tested to cure genital warts. Natural remedies are also cheaper compared to commercial ones. Having this kind of disease is not an easy and getting those ugly lesions is not something to be proud of. It is the most commonly transmitted HPV virus all over the world.

There are herbs and natural oils that are effective for treating this kind of disease. One of the most easily found herb is green tea. It has antiviral properties making it more effective to treat this illness. It can be applied over the genital wart in a form of tea bag. It is suggested to find us the type with green tea oil. It is found to be highly effective and eliminates the disease.

A banana peel patch is also believed to eliminate this disease. The peel is applied overnight over the genital warts and used for a few weeks until the wart falls off. It is believed that the vitamin properties in the peel are the reason it is effective. It has antiviral properties.

Other remedies include using garlic, papaya, lemon peel, vinegar, castor oil and aloe vera. The papaya contains enzyme that is known to break down dead skin cells. The chemicals found in lemon peel are similar to the banana peel. They are both known to dissolve the wart. The vitamin content of the lemon also helps because it has anti-viral properties.

Castor oil is also known to remove warts. Using them may take a longer time to remove the art but it gives out better result. The castor oil is applied over the wart and covered with bandages or some use garlic and tape them over the wart to prevent rubbing. Take note that this method may also cause pain so be very careful in using them.

All these natural remedies are found anywhere. It will help remove the lesions but then still there is no guarantee the wart will not come back. A good and strong immune system is still one of the best armor to combat genital warts. Be extra careful in choosing the remedy you want to try because the genital area of the body is very sensitive. Give a thought about a doctor's visit. If any remedies do not work for you then you can look into the methods done by medical doctors.

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